Most dog owners in the UK spend an average of £1,252 a year on their pets, but one dog lover spends that much on her five “fur babies” every month. The pampered Chihuahuas are spoilt with designer outfits, jewellery, luxurious bedding and toys, not to mention the top-of-the-range food they enjoy.

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According to a report in Pet Business World, people in the UK spent £7.16bn on their pets last year, 25% more than the figures for 2010.

Canine Luxuries

Lisa Simmons always had dogs, but three years ago when she got Pablo, her first Chihuahua, her expenditure increased dramatically. Unlike many well-loved dogs whose only adornments are dog collars and leads, Lisa’s five dogs have a range of jewellery and designer outfits which cost her a fortune. Their jewellery collection includes Swarovski crystal and pearl necklaces as well as many different trinkets, and they even have Burberry outfits and clothes Lisa has had specially made for them based on adult outfits she likes.

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Out and About

Lisa doesn’t go anywhere without at least one of her dogs. She has special bags to transport them in, including a £150 Ted Baker bag, a £200 Michael Kors bag and another costing £50 from River Island. The Chihuahuas, named Pablo, Meika, El Chapo, Sinaloa and TiJuana, also have a specially customised double buggy so their legs do not get tired on longer walks and now also have a pink remote-controlled toy Range Rover.


Perhaps the only luxury Lisa does not spend too much on is grooming, which she does herself so that the dogs are not frightened. She is careful not to use unnecessary chemicals on them so does not paint their nails.

Other Luxuries

Lisa says it is not unusual for her to spend £45 a fortnight on each dog’s bedding. She replaces rather than washing the bedding because she says it is not as soft and fluffy after washing. Lisa cooks for her dogs and sources some meals from Lily’s Kitchen, and if she goes out for a meal she always saves some for them. If you feel your dog needs a little pampering, why not see what is available in terms of luxury Dog Collars and Leads through Iwoof?

Lisa’s husband disapproves of her spending so much, but her children are both supportive.