Much is being made of the importance of digital marketing in 2017, especially when it comes to content marketing plans. However, alongside the rise of mediums such as video, the importance of great design is becoming more appreciated.

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The driving message is to ‘show rather than tell’, particularly when the impact of mobile devices is factored in. This means that your content marketing plan needs to consider how you visually tell your stories – using graphics, animations, branding, images, font choices, graphical devices and colour palettes.

Design driving experience

Beautiful design has a powerful effect on user experience. Consider how social users rely on filters to make their photos more beautiful, and to evoke more powerful responses and greater emotion from their viewers.

App design, in particular, is forcing digital designs to be more creative and innovative in their work. Design for some companies is completely key to their overall brand experience. Consider AirBnB for example, which is extremely visual. In another way, look at Dropbox, which is incredibly simple and pared down from a design perspective, but very carefully considered for its visuals, to facilitate its functionality and immediately make the brand visible and recognisable.

Opportunities for designers

Big tech companies, such as Facebook and Google, used to simply buy new technology, but in the past few years, they have started to focus on designers who are able to create memorable experiences and rich designs. Modern businesses know that design is key to the success of their brand.

This trend for design led interfaces looks set to continue, as users rely more and more on their mobile devices. This will mean that overly structured desktop navigations will become obsolete, and newer designs will be ever slicker, featuring visually rich interactions and graphic effects. These will range from scrolling sites, interactive elements, fade and slide visuals and even augmented reality.

Designers will need to consider how graphical elements render across different digital devices, from PCs through to smartphones. Responsive design is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it is completely key to the success of any digital build. Devon web design agencies such as will always create responsive assets that ensure excellent customer engagement.

A more beautiful website is also good news for startups, creating opportunities for brand development and customer loyalty in increasingly creative ways.