There are some important tips for those wishing to follow a vegan diet and stay as healthy as possible. Here are just a few:

Focus on legumes

Legumes are crammed full of protein, as well as lots of fibre. By including 3 portions of legumes a day, you’ll be consuming plenty of protein easily without the need for meat! Legumes include foods like beans, vegetables and lentils.

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Plenty of fruit and veggies

Variety is the spice of life, so be sure to pile your plate high with a wonderfully colourful range of fruits and vegetables. Different veggies and fruits provide different nutrient and vitamins. For example, for vitamin C, strawberries, citrus fruits and leafy vegetables are rich in this vitamin. Vitamin C is also great for the absorption of iron. Find out What tea helps with digestion at a site like

Whole grains are important

Whole grains have a host of benefits, being chock full of nutrients and fibre. The best whole grains to choose are unrefined for maximum benefits.

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Be clever with fat

Whilst most of use try to avoid fats, we don’t need to do this completely. Certain high fat foods are beneficial, such as seeds and nuts and these provide essential nutrients for vegans. Nuts can also be good for reducing the dangers of heart disease and in controlling the effects of diabetes.

Consider supplements

For vegans, vitamin B12 is really important as it is not present in many vegan foods unless you’re choosing fortified products, such as cereal.