One of the best things in life that we can all enjoy is the great outdoors – in these troubling times, being close to nature and appreciating the natural beauty of the countryside is a great way to relive stress and to help our bodies to stay well as well as our minds.


Walking is one of the most enjoyable activities in the scenic countryside and national parks – with so much to explore and to see there is plenty to keep you busy, whether you enjoy a challenging climb or a gentle stroll.

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The UK is lucky enough to have many national parks for all to enjoy – there will certainly be one near to your home if you don’t want to travel far, or go further afield and make a walking holiday of it. The map shop walking maps will be able to help you to navigate the parks and the routes that you can take through them, so you won’t end up getting lost!


To be inspired, walk the Coleridge route in Exmoor – the landscape that inspired the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge will certainly inspire you too, as you take in the views from the Quantocks.


Or how about heading further north to the Northumberland national park? Walk through history from coast to coast as you explore the Hadrian’s Wall trail.

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If you want something more challenging, head further north and take on the West Highland way – the Scottish Highlands, Ben Nevis and Fort William can all be explored on this trail and the views are outstanding.