In May 2017, University College London Hospital, or UCLH, won Clinical Research Site of the year, and a UCLH clinical research team, composed of researchers Amy Smith, Sam Morris, and Krishna Patel, received the bronze medal in PharmaTimes’ International Clinical Researcher of the Year team competition.

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PharmaTimes International Clinical Researcher of the Year Competition

The International Clinical Researcher of the Year competition has been running since 1999 and now features entrants from top clinical research institutions from 48 different countries. The entrants compete for professional and media recognition, as well as for the sake of testing their own clinical competency against those of some of their best colleagues from around the world.

Categories of the competition cover all aspects of clinical research, from Clinical Research Site of the Year to Clinical Trial Administrator of the Year and more categories recognizing spectacular individuals and clinical research teams. UCLH took bronze in the Clinical Research Site of the Year category, losing out to University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, and the category winner, Central Manchester University Hospitals.

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Clinical Research at UCLH

UCLH maintains a consistently high standard of clinical research across all areas. In the PharmaTimes competitions, UCLH had a second team represented in the finals. The current head of Cancer Clinical Trials at UCLH, Kylie Gyertson, is a former winner of the PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year category, along with teammates Amy Smith and Shivali Trivedi.

The UCLH Clinical Research Facility supports clinical trials, including paid research studies such as those run by, as part of their ongoing clinical research efforts. In particular, a partnership with the nearby MacMillan Cancer Centre provides the UCL Cancer Institute with excellent research opportunities.

UCLH also hosts a National Institute for Health Research, or NIHR, Clinical Research Facility, and maintains specialist sites with the Eastman Dental Hospital, as well as the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear hospital.

These partnerships enhance UCLH’s ability to provide some of the highest-quality clinical research in the country, as demonstrated by consistent high performance in the PharmaTimes competitions, as well as by the large number of regularly cited research papers coming out of UCLH. This year’s performance in the PharmaTimes competitions cements UCLH’s reputation in Britain’s biomedical industry.