A smashed window is not something a homeowner plans for. Experiencing this accidental or deliberate act can be quite traumatic as it’s unexpected and unwelcome. Should this happen, whether it’s an accident or deliberate, it’s important to stay calm and not make any reckless decisions. You should ensure your property is fully secured as soon as you see the broken window, and perhaps shovel up the shattered shards of glass with the help of a neighbour or friend to prevent any hazards if the breakage was an accident.

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Call the police as soon as possible

If you believe your smashed window was an act of vandalism, you should inform police as soon as possible and give them details of how long you had vacated the property and roughly at what time you believe the incident occurred. If there are footprints on a windowsill or threads from an item of clothing, this is one giveaway that the act has been deliberate.

It’s important to always be mindful of your own personal safety when it comes to even minor crimes such as smashed windows. According to the Ask The Police website, if you are in the house and your window is broken and the suspect is still on the premises, you should call the police immediately.

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Windows can and do crack spontaneously

It’s easy to panic, but once you have taken stock of the situation, you can call upon the window professionals. Emergency Glaziers in Leicester such as NandU Emergency Glaziers in Leicester will spring into action and ensure your window is replaced as soon as possible.

In some cases, windows can and do crack spontaneously. Cheaper windows are more susceptible to this type of damage. One common reason for spontaneous cracks occurring is that the pane has been fitted to an uncommon aspect ratio. This means that the embedded glass is put at a much greater risk of flexing. Changes in the air temperature and levels of humidity will also raise the risk of windows cracking, especially when pressure is at low levels during the colder season and you switch on the heat.

uPVC windows are sturdy and can easily fight off cold weather and intruders. Windows also come equipped with safety features such as locking to give added peace of mind.