As far as smoking is concerned we have two groups. One is which is against it and the other says that there are not much harmful health effects. But the favoring group says this merely as they are slave to this habit. Cigarette has many carcinogenic substances that lead to asthma, bronchitis, heart attacks, cancer etc. The list of health effects is a long one and the effects are of course ill effects.

Health effects also include effect on the passive smokers. Passive smokers are non-smokers mainly family and friends of the smoker who surround him. So, all you smokers you are intoxicating your wife, your friend and also your child. Health effects are terrifying and you must now quit smoking.

Researches and data have all proved that smoking is highly injurious to health and also the passive smokers mainly the people near the smokers are also affected. The implications are dire. When you want to talk about the harmful effects of smoking you will realize that list is too long. It seems that every time some government institute or science lab does some type of study on the subject, there is yet another dozen or so items to add to the list of the harmful health effects of smoking.

The Real Health Effects of Smoking

In short, with every new study and every new research paper that comes out, there is just more and more bad news when it comes to the health effects of smoking. As scientists, biologist, and doctors learn more about the human body and are able to trace smoking’s effects more clearly, they learn more about its damage.

While lung cancer is still the prime concern for many when it comes to the health effects of smoking, in truth, many cancers have been traced to this habit, including bladder cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the larynx, liver cancer, cancer of the tongue and other areas of the mouth, cancer of the large intestine, and even blood cancer or leukemia.

Additionally, smoking works to dry up the arteries around the heart, causing this muscle to work all that much harder to do its job. One of the clear health effects of smoking is recurrent heart attacks, heart disease, and other ailments of the vascular system.

And of course cancer is not the only disease of the lung that is a resultant health effect of smoking. Sore throat, chronic cough with sputum, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and virtually any other disease that one can contract in the respiratory system is somehow linked to smoking.

Infertility in males and females is also a harmful consequence. A man’s sperm count can be affected by his smoking, as can his sperm motility. A woman’s ovulation is also affected by smoking. In either case, conception can be that much more difficult if one or both smoke.

So after reading this you might have realized that health effects of smoking are harmful, and none of them are good. For all those, who consider smoking as a cool fashion, mind well, you are ruining your life and health.