If you have flat roofing on your property, you’ll be aware that they can be vulnerable to problems or specific issues. Ideally, flat roofing should pose no more issues than a pitched roof but if the roof was poorly constructed or neglected, the problems that arise can be very big. Tar flat roofs might only last for a decade, whereas shingles have a better duration of approximately 35 years. Slate pitched roofs can stand for more than a century. Whatever type of roof you own, regular checkups and routine maintenance will prevent costly repairs. For Flat Roofing Bristol, visit a site like Aquagard, suppliers of Flat Roofing Bristol.

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Flat gravel roof

The reason that pea shingle is placed onto a flat roof is to provide a coat and protection from UV rays from the sun. Gravel is also effective as a form of weighting over other roofing material, reducing the possibility of damage caused by high winds. Protection from UV is needed in the shingle and pebbles as they absorb sunlight, helping to stop the roofing materials becoming dry and brittle over time. It goes without saying that the efficacy of the gravel is very dependent on how well it has been fixed to the roof. If it is applied badly, exposure to the elements will occur under the roofing material.

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Shingle, when applied, should be firmly affixed to the surface of the roofing material already in place. Typically, this process occurs when the mastic asphalt is still warm or can be affixed with adhesive. Placing wither shingle or gravel surface to a dry surface is a waste of time. This highlights the importance of finding a reliable professional company with lots of experience.