If you suspect you may have a sexually transmitted infection, you might be feeling a bit embarrassed about visiting your family doctor. Many people do. However, there is now an alternative. To get tested at home.

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For those looking to keep on top of their sexual health, it’s important to remember that many STIs have no clear symptoms. This is why it is advised to get tested every six months or at least annually, if you are sexually active. Here are the benefits of taking a test at home:

  • Private

Taking a test at home means you can do so in private. This is an ideal option for those who feel uncomfortable talking about such things with their doctor. For more information about Home STI kits Bexley, visit https://www.bexleysexualhealth.org/home_sti_kits/

  • Fast results

This type of test can bring peace of mind, whilst also giving you fast results if you need to seek treatment following a positive result. On returning the test in the post, most results will be returned by the lab within 1-2 days. For those who are pregnant, a faster response and delivery can be requested in many cases.

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  • Accuracy

You can feel confident in the knowledge that the test results will be accurate. If you receive a positive result, most common STIs can be successfully treated with antibiotics.

  • Feel in charge of your health

Whether you enjoy the relief of getting the all clear or need to seek treatment, you know you’ve done the right and responsible thing and on the path to taking control of your health and that of your partner.