Stomach and Back pain are symptoms that often go together. Up to 75% of patients with unsolved chronic back pain also have a history of stomach / intestinal problems. In various cases, the two pain syndromes are related to the same cause. Back and Stomach pain is one of the most common of all combination pain syndromes. Degenerative or an injury condition in the back can cause local pain, as well as pain in the abdomen. Pinched sensory nerve can cause pain in the part served by that nerve. Pinched autonomic nerve can impede right function of the system controlled by that nerve. If the compressed autonomic nerve is controlling the digestive process, or other organ function in the abdomen, dysfunction and pain can result.

Muscular back pain can also be liable for muscular abdominal pain, and vice versa. The abdominal muscles work intimately with the lower back muscles. An injury to either set of muscles can affect the other. Several people with unresolved back and stomach pain might be suffering from a psychologically induced pain syndrome (PIPS). Lower back pain and stomach / intestinal distress are two of the most common PIPS. Both Stresses and emotional issues that cause psychological back pain can also be responsible for chronic stomach and intestinal disturbance. Ulcers are a exact example of psychological effects on the stomach. For so many years ulcers were the number one expression of psychological pain. Once medicine discovered the link between ulcers and stress, the incidence of stomach ulcers became far less frequent.

Woman with abdominal and back pain. Pain in the human body

Severe back pain can be physically and emotionally worrying. The real pain can cause our digestive tracts to suffer. Of course, the emotional aspect of back pain can have an equal effect on our stomach and intestines. Pain in the back might be primary, but it effects on other body systems can also be devastating. The stomach is the part of digestive system. This system is greatly influenced by physical and emotional stress. This is why we often lose our appetite when we are sick or stressed. The stomach pain we feel might be a effect of physical pain in the back.

Let’s check out when you need to look in for medical help as suffering from stomach and back pain. It is time to seek medical help if the pain gets worse all the time and recurs often or is sudden and sharp. It’s alarming enough for you to go to the doctor if you vomit blood or find blood in your stool or your stool turns black. There could be many more serious back and stomach pain situations that need back pain medication. Situations like Appendicitis, Kidney Stones, Intestinal Obstruction, and Acute Cholecystitis need some back pain therapy. Besides relying on prescription medication back pain, you can follow some low back pain relief tips like use of ice for relieving pain, applying heat therapy, water therapy, massage therapy and some exercises for back pain. Medications for back pain won’ t work very well until and unless you have proper understanding of the cause of lower back pain and stomach, and take due precautions. Treating back pain along with stomachache becomes easier if one follows healthy diet routine, avoids sleeping on one’s stomach and purchases good kind of chairs and mattresses that can be used as back pain support.