Photographs are incredibly important to us, taking moving moments and immortalising them for us. Some photographs have become so famous that are instantly recognisable across the world. Whether they were taken of famous celebrities or pivotal moments in history, here are just a few of those iconic images:

Marilyn Monroe and the windblown dress

This hugely iconic Hollywood shot was captured by Sam Shaw. Marilyn Monroe remains one of the most loved sex symbols of the silver screen and this particular picture was taken during the filming of ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in 1954. Her character walks over a sidewalk vent in New York, blowing the breeze to lift up her skirt. Sam Shaw was a good friend of the actress and managed to capture exactly the right moment to create what is now a globally famous photograph. Her white dress was sold at auction in 2011 for a whopping $4 million.

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Man on the moon

Man on the Moon taken by NASA in 1969 is one of the most recognised images in history. Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon, but it was actually Buzz Aldrin who took this bit of glory, as he is the man in the picture taken by Neil Armstrong. Armstrong took it using a 70mm Hasselblad camera and the image appeared on the front cover of National Geographic magazine. It has become immortalised as an image of what great accomplishments mankind can achieve. Whilst your photographs will probably never be this famous, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want them to look ‘out of this world’. For a Cheltenham Photographer, visit

Abbey Road, The Beatles

In the music world, the image that formed the front cover of The Beatles’ penultimate album, Abbey Road has become legendary. The idea came from Paul McCartney and the photo was taken by Iain Macmillan. McCartney, Harrison, Lennon and Starr are pictured walking across a zebra crossing in single file just outside their recording studio. To avoid the traffic, the photographer had only a couple of minutes to capture the shot. And what a shot! The original prints of this iconic photograph fetched over £200,000 in 2014.

Muhammad Ali versus Sonny Liston

When it comes to sporting history and legends, they don’t come much bigger than Mohammad Ali. This famous image was taken by Neil Leifer and has since become one of the most iconic sporting images ever taken. The photographer, who worked for Sports Illustrated, managed to capture Ali in all his boxing glory as he stands over his defeated opponent in 1965.

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When you think of Einstein, you might have many images of brainiacs, science and impossible equations but it’s probably not one of him sticking his tongue out! The cheeky image of the world’s most well-known scientist was caught by Arthur Sasse on the scientist’s 72nd birthday. He was getting sick of smiling all the time for the many different photographers and so decided to poke his tongue out at Sasse’s camera. Thankfully, the scientist loved the image and ordered nine prints!