The Škoda RS family could continue to add members sooner than expected: the newly presented Kodiaq RS could join their little brother, Škoda Karoq RS , which, according to Autobild, will be presented in 2019. Sportsmanship at the aesthetic and mechanical level will be, as expected, his password.

Only two models currently make up the sports range of the Czech brand, the Octavia and the Kodiaq, but Škoda seems determined to increase this family. And rumors have long been pointing in the direction of the Karoq, the manufacturer’s compact SUV …

According to the German media, the Škoda Karoq RS will be ready to debut in 2019 , although no confirmed date. It is expected to take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, late in the year, since in Geneva it would be logical to see the expected and rumored hybrid plug-in variant of the Superb. However, it will be necessary to wait for the official confirmation of the brand.

Outperforming the Kodiaq RS

And what can we expect from Škoda Karoq RS ? The information points to the fact that the AUPECA CUPRA will look in the mirror , so that under the hood could be hidden the same heart of TSI 2.0 that mounts the sports SUV. We would therefore be talking about a power around 300 HP and a torque close to 400 Nm .

We would therefore be talking about a delivery greater than that of the Kodiaq RS, which equips the most powerful diesel engine ever conceived by the Czech manufacturer. Furthermore, the information points to the fact that, as in both the Kodiaq RS and the CUPRA Ateca, the sportier side of the Karoq will only have variants with all- wheel drive.

It is expected that this mechanics is managed with the DSG change of 7 speedsthat equip both sport SUVs, as well as with the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) adaptive suspension of which the Kodiaq RS shows.

These mechanical benefits will be accompanied by a somewhat more aggressive aesthetic following the trail of his older brother, with specific defenses and a handful of bright black elements, as well as some wheels of specific design. We will be attentive to Škoda saying this mouth is mine.