Physical therapy is a component of healthcare.Physical Therapy, often called PT, comes into play anytime an injury, illness, or condition would benefit from rehabilitation in one form or another after initial diagnosis, surgery, or treatment. During PT, the therapist examines the individual who has medical problems or health-related conditions that impair their ability to perform normal tasks. A plan of therapy is developed and executed through ongoing PT sessions.

PT’s goal is to reinstate mobility, fitness, and well-being so that the patient can enjoy a quality of life that their present ailment prevents. The healing treatment may come in the form of approaches aimed to help individuals move and accomplish the regular activities they would have had during a usual day, regardless of the injury or illness. Goals are realized with use of therapeutic training, exercises, functional training, adaptive devices, and even electrotherapy methods.

Physical Therapists work in conjunction with a primary care doctor or specialist. These healthcare specialists are normally the ones who refer a patient to PT. The Physical Therapists has the doctor’s notes and patient history as relates to treatment so that the best plan can be employed without fear of injury of the patient. Physical therapists may also check with a variety of other healthcare or social services specialists, all depending on the patient’s medical condition, but regardless, functional movement is the main goal.

The types of PT done is varied, but there is literally help available for most people and types of health conditions that could impair daily life. These PT specialists work with cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation that focuses on building endurance and functional independence. Geriatric PT deals with conditions of the elderly. Neurological PT helps those with conditions such as brain injury, Parkinson’s, spinal injuries, MS, and Alzheimer’s. Orthopedic PT works with a rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system to strengthen after surgery or injury. Pediatric PT uses broad treatments to help kid’s conditions. Sports PT includes rehabilitation, education, and prevention for athletes.

Physical Therapists have a positive occupational future according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS says that this profession will grow at faster than average rates and those job opportunities will be good.

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