Internet is such a useful tool and with so many possibilities that we can often end up losing more time than necessary. NoSurf is a phenomenon that seeks to take control over our lives and use the Internet in a healthier way.

There is a subreddit dedicated to this movement, in which there are already more than 21,000 users . Ironically, advice is given through the Internet so that anyone can get disconnected and use it “in a more specific way”.

Testimonials and advice

In r / nosurf they affirm that ” Internet is a great tool but its use is not harmless” . They refer to studies that have shown that misuse can have very negative effects on the person:

“Scientific research has shown that its misuse can induce neuroplastic changes in the brain, resulting changes can cause problems with concentration, attention span and memory.”

Among its hundreds of entries, we can attend all kinds of testimonials and advice. Users rely on each other to find a way to reduce the number of hours they spend connected.

One of the last entries was sent by a user who “remembers when 15 years ago he did not have Internet at home”. Ensures that at that time “was more creative . ” For this reason, he has not used the Internet in his home for two years (yes at work) and explains his experience in the following video:

The user Littleslapandpickle published a series of tips earlier this month to complete the “30-day nosurf challenge” . He assures that it is necessary to do it during 30 days to turn it into a habit.

He admits that he has been very bored but at the same time he affirms that “you will be surprised how productive you can be when the Internet is not a part of your life”.

Thnkrds has chosen to put their phone and laptop in grayscale , a fashion that seeks to make the technology is not so attractive and thus we use less time.

Three months ago, the user “stdin stdout stderr” told how earning a bid for an old phone on eBay (a 2009 Blackberry Curve 9360) had changed his life completely.

He begins by recognizing that he was “in the deepest stages of an Internet addiction”. It was then that he began to read this subreddit and become aware of his habits:

“It’s not easy to switch from an iPhone to a BlackBerry seven years ago, it’s not easy to disable social networks, and that’s the point, if it were easy, it would not be worth talking about.”

He is not the only user who has opted to buy a “dumbphone”, and ohdearohmeohmy won a bid for a Nokia 3310 on eBay . He claims to be “really excited” and that the next step will be to buy a camera and a GPS.

“Things I could have done today . ” With this striking title a user tells the amount of things he could have done (clean his car, read a novel, make some cookies, call his mother, etc.) if he had not been lost on social networks.

Asdfman123 advises not to leave the Internet, but to replace it with other activities . In his case, he has opted for reading, and states that he feels “a million times better”.

“It will be difficult to leave the Internet if the alternative is to look at a wall and feel depressed, if you find something that can fill that gap, it will work.

There is also reference to a very striking theme: the main technological leaders (for example, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates ) do everything possible to keep their children away from technology .

This subreddit is not the only place where NoSurf is preached. In we can find a lot of information to reduce the amount of time we spend on the Internet.

In their initial guide they list what the goals of this website are, signs that we can identify to know if we need to carry out this practice and what are the benefits that we will obtain. In addition, they recommend five books that will serve as a starting point.

On the cover of the web we can read a whole declaration of intentions, since they assure that ” the most valuable resource we have is the time , although many of us waste it browsing the web”.

“NoSurf was created to help use the Internet as the tool for which it was designed, using neuroscience, software and lifestyle changes, NoSurf helps you change your habits and achieve your goals.”

It is a topic that is topical, since Google has shown a series of important changes that will come with Android P , indicating how much time we spend in certain applications and adding options that will allow us to control it.

Instagram will also tell us how much time we spent on the application and earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of changes so that we spend less time on the social network.

Obviously, not all of us can get away from the Internet, since our jobs depend entirely on it . But the reality is that integrating some of the tips and habits they recommend in NoSurf can be vital when we are out of work hours.