There comes a time in the year for all of us when, no matter where we live or how lucky we count ourselves to live there, we regardless begin to view our surroundings with boredom and derision.  The migration impulse begins to kick in and we crave new sights, sounds and experiences.  This is a perfectly normal way to feel and it only means one thing: it’s time to treat yourself to a holiday.

Now the difficult thing is deciding where to go, as the world is a vast place full of hugely interesting places.  However if you are looking for an exciting experience full of wonderful new adventures, you really may not have to travel as far as you think.  Though falling costs in flight travel have made the domestic holiday seem less favourable, there are many things in Britain that you should definitely consider exploring before you go trekking off round the world.  And of all these potential avenues for excitement, there is none to rival the UK’s centrepiece and capital, the one and only town of London.

London is full of incredibly exciting attractions

London is a city like no other in the world: it’s atmosphere is unrivalled by it’s fellow metropolises, and it has so much to do and see that it really should be recognised as one of the best holiday destinations that there are.  So when your thinking about where to explore this year, why not explore London?

London is full of incredibly exciting attractions, but perhaps the most famous of all is the notorious London Dungeon.  The Dungeon franchise is well known for it’s high-quality entertainment and it’s trademark blend of horrendous gore, hilarious comedy and interesting historical fact.  With these three ingredients as the starting point for the fun, you really can’t go wrong: where else will you scream, laugh and learn something all at the same time?  That’s right, the Dungeons are really something quite special, and the London Dungeon is perhaps the most famous and well-respected of them all.

In a day out to the London Dungeon you will find something for the whole family: an interactive and entertaining ghost ride that will teach you about London’s dark and disturbing past.  With excellent acting and jaw-dropping special effects, this is an attraction that has to be seen to be believed: so get tickets now and brave the dark of the Dungeon!  Do you dare?