If you have recently moved into a new home or are looking to move into one of the Park Homes available from companies like Park Home Life you will probably be wanting to add some of your own personality to the space. Luckily if you buy a new home from them you can do all of this in the interior design phase where you can customise the interior to your liking.

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Here are some ideas that you might want to consider.

To create a spectacular effect, cluster your paintings and photographs together. This can be either on shelves, tightly hanging on the wall, or in a more quirky manner. This will give you a gallery style effect of all of your artwork and photographs.

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Many decorators suggest keeping things neutral; a soothing background can be created by white walls and neutral toned soft furnishing. But you can take inspiration from the Scandi look and add some vibrant splashes of colour if you want to make a point. All temporary ways of brightening a space are cushions, rugs and throws. With bright fabrics, you can also reupholster tired furniture.

What to do with knick-knacks and ornaments – Display them for all to see, rather than locking your items hidden in cupboards! This can be a very productive way to illustrate more of your character. In separating the sets, break from tradition. To create an effective show, bring unexpected items together; beloved memories with childhood mementos, favourite books alongside collectibles.