First aid is one of those life skills that nobody should be without. Learning first aid means that you have the ability to be able to save a life. There are many people who work as medics – from the paramedics who attend the scene of an accident to event medical cover companies such as Outdoor medical solutions (OMS)

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Although these professionals know how to save a life, it is not always possible to have them around straight away as soon as first aid is needed – this is where the importance of the first aider comes in. Here are a few reasons why first aid makes such a big difference


First Aid can Reduce Recovery Time – If a first aider responds to a casualty quickly, their quick thinking and actions could result in a much faster recovery time for the patient.

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First Aid can reduce the Severity of the Problem – A quick response from a first aider can mean that a person has a less severed problem to deal with – a stroke is a great example of an illness where a fast response makes a huge difference to the severity of the patients illness in the long run, meaning that they may have a much better quality of life and recover more fully.


First Aid can mean less unnecessary hospital visits – Being able to deal with a medical problem means that you may be able to stop unnecessary hospital visits. It may be that the person just needs to make an appointment with their GP.