The average woman apparently looks in a mirror at least eight times every day, often to reassure herself about the way she looks. It seems that when there is a discrepancy between the reality and the woman’s internal view of herself, she may consider turning to cosmetic surgery or other treatments in an attempt to make the two match up.

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Common procedures

We are all so accustomed to the concept of plastic surgery that many people today think no more of opting for a procedure than of changing their appearance by switching to a new brand of cosmetics or buying new clothes. We frequently feel that we can comment on everyone’s appearance. However there has been a big shift in recent years away from the traditional cosmetic surgeries that we have been used to seeing.

What can go wrong?

We have all heard horror stories about cowboy cosmetic surgeons causing disfigurement or illness to clients. In one recent case reported in the Mirror, 19-year-old Catherine Cando died on the operating table during a liposuction procedure she had won as a prize in a beauty contest. This is even more tragic when you learn that she did not really want the surgery but was pestered by the surgeon to go through with it.

Offering cosmetic procedures as competition prizes and offering time-limited deals on procedures was condemned as socially irresponsible by the Sir Bruce Keogh review, which came out in February 2014, but some companies have not taken these recommendations seriously.

The recent PIP scandal, far from deterring women from breast augmentation, seems to have had little effect on the number opting for this procedure; however, it has raised awareness of the dangers and more women now research and seek out reputable companies.


Due to the rise of instances that have occured and the bad press associated with full cosmetic surgeries there have been a rise in a number of non-surgical procedures. These procedures carry much less risk than full surgery and boast incredible results. A Thread Lift Cardiff company such as offer the thread lift procedure which uses thin threads placed into the skin to create a smoother and more youthful appearance. This treatment can achieve the same results as a facelift without the dangerous risks, long recovery periods and also has a much more natural looking result. It is important to still ensure that when you look at these not surgical equivalents that you use a reputable company such as the one mentioned above.