Winters are on the way.  The cold shivering breezes is started blowing all around. With this most of the people started to plan their winter holidays.  The sea beaches are the ultimate choice of many people to enjoy the winters. As sea beaches are comparatively soothing than the plain and mountainous regions.  Goa is located in the western coast of India prevailing in the region of Western Ghats of Arabian Sea.  It is the place from where the scenic beauty of Arabian is best observed.  Goa is the favorite destination from the people all around. Let’s have a look what Goa exceptionally offers to its visitors.

Goa is the home of many beautiful beaches in the country. It is a much planned city of India. As it is the favorite tourist spot for both domestic and foreign tourists, it is also designed according to the convenience of the visitors. Panaji is the capital city of Goa.  The place offers the most beautiful beaches in not only the country but in the whole continent Asia. Except the beaches Goa also offers the following things:

Nightlife of Goa

The nightlife of Goa is very famous in the whole continent. The people are very broad minded and the place offers very high lifestyles.  The nightlife, casinos, bars, pubs are always crowded to make fun and to enjoy life to the fullest.  There are also many small cottages available on the beaches of Goa. One can entirely book the cottage for private use or can also share with others.  These small cottages are very beautiful and offer all kinds of luxuries where one can enjoy everything what he wants to.  Starting from foods to drinks everything available in the nail point with lots of entertainment.

Foods of Goa

Goa offers many unique foods.  The restaurants of the place offer all kinds of food starting from the local items to the exceptional continental foods. As the place is having major population of the Portuguese, it offers some unique things what are not available in the entire country India.  Sea foods like prawn, lobsters, and crabs are very famous among the food lovers.

Boat Experience

The best part of Goa tour is to enjoy its boats experience.  Whoever visits of Goa becomes fond of Arabian Sea. The changing shade of the sea with the movement of the sun gives exceptional scenic beauty. The beauty of the sea is not comparable to any other beaches of the continent.  And when these are experienced by sitting in traditional boat then the joy increases with number of times.  The place offers both the traditional boats of the old times with the newest technological motor boats. The yacht charter Phuket, colorful yacht, the hot air balloon rides and parachutes rides on the white beaches makes the trip unforgettable.

Beaches of Goa

The very famous beaches of Goa are the Palolem beach, Mandrem Beach, Agonda Beach, Baga Beach; Candolim Beach and so on gives some unforgettable scenic beauty and experiences. Must visit Goa!