Gag gift ideas are hilarious prank gifts to add a whiff of humor to mundane lives of comedy-craving individuals. Here are a few ideas that you can use to gift your women friends a dose of laughter and smiles.

Fake Pregnancy Test Prank

This pregnancy test instrument shows positive for every test result. Without a bearing on actual pregnancy this is an awesome option to check if the man of the woman is indeed blessed with husband material. This gadget is packaged in the most preferred color of women, pink with the color of the gadget either to be white or red.

Lazy Housekeepers Mop Slippers

These slippers also play the role of mops, enabling the lethargic woman to have best of both the worlds, clean her house, while maintaining her lazy demeanor.

This is indeed a best gag for lazy bones to get rid of the broom. Running errands like flipping TV channels, charging the phone or plugging in the iPod will clear the dust off by just walking back and forth with these slippers on!

These slippers will actually help the woman to complete her chores without actually making an attempt to do so leaving lots of time to spare for other businesses.

Moustaches – The ideal choice for women too

In tune with attempts to promote women’s liberation, these woman moustaches are indeed up for grabs. Available in a set of 7 differently styled moustaches for girls, these are regarded to make a foray in the market by strongly advocating gender equality.

Incorporating different styles from Hollywood, this is an apt choice for a lady to flaunt her feminine facial hair with pride. The heroine will thus feature with manly artificial looks.


Blinky Doll Eye Glasses – Horror coupled with fun

These eye glasses serve as a nightmare to the onlooker while being a source of through entertainment for the woman. The soul-searing creepy bright blue eyes attached to the glasses will actually blink when the woman nods her head.

These glasses serve as childhood reminiscences when dolls with huge porcelain eyes will be staring daggers at people when arranged on an attic or in a guest room.  These blinky doll eyed glasses will surely make every passerby freeze in fear.

Height of Horror accentuated

While some people are immune to such pranks, the woman will always have the last laugh with blinking and staring eyes just by a single nod. Real horror then sets in on the faces of everyone around. It is also advisable to carry a camera lest the woman would lose many opportunities to capture the priceless reactions which should not be missed at any cost.

Scaring the devil of friends at night

These porcelain doll eyed glasses are a perfect choice to peep through the window of a friend to scare the devil of out him. A light tap on the window just to wake up the friend will make him sleep deprived for the rest of the night. Best results are indicated when the lady smiles with her mouth wide open showing off her brightly polished 32. This single one-night prank will surely fuel the nightmare emotions extending to weeks.

“Lip Smacking” has a new meaning

This ‘brand new high-quality designer lipstick’ is a quick retort to payback the scores of an annoying girlfriend, friend or wide. It is indeed the main item in a plot to gift an inadvertent woman, this lipstick which explodes once she removes the cap. The prankster can take utmost pleasure watching her recoil in horror.