It can seem that men’s fashion never changes that much, and yet delve a little deeper and there are some fundamental differences between what men wear today and what they would have worn 100 years ago.

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From Formal to Casual

Much of the 20th century was taken up with a gradual shift from the formal to the casual. The top hat, for example, toppled as frock coats made way for leisure suits. Nothing indicates this move more than headwear fashions. As the top hat left the everyday arena, it made way for the likes of the pork-pie, trilby, fedora, derby, boater, and homburg. Today, the most popular headwear choice for men is the super-casual baseball cap.

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From Society Members to Individuals

Another major way that fashion has changed is the way in which what a man wears today is far more likely to display his individuality than it is to highlight his social status. This was far from the case in days gone by, when what a man more was often directly related to his class and occupation.

The Demise of the Tie

Until very recently, ties were a major part of many men’s fashion ensemble. Today, however, there are plenty of males who have never worn one – even for formal occasions such as weddings and funerals. They are just as likely to wear their favourite Lyle & Scott t-shirts from as they are a crisp white shirt and tie.

The tie was once one of the major symbols of the business culture of the 20th century, but its popularity – or perceived necessity – has been dying off for years and, in many quarters, it has become another casualty of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Death of the Work and Leisure Split

This is another trend that has come into sharp focus as a result of the increase in working from home, but it would be unfair to say that the coronavirus virus described at is wholly responsible.

There has been a growing trend for workers to wear what would once have considered to be weekend wear on any day of the week. Today, some executives are actively encouraged to wear less formal attire, as it is considered good business sense to look relaxed, open-minded and flexible.