Cooking ranges, microwave ovens, fridges, and air conditions and various hosts of other home appliances have become the synonym of modern living. No household can afford to live without at least few of them. However, they do not carry cheap price tag, if you are concerned about quality and reliability. You have to invest huge money for procuring reliable and efficient household appliances. Then what happens if the appliance doesn’t work properly?  The manufacturer takes care of defective by either repairing or replacing, if the problem occurs during the warranty period that ranges from six months to one year depending upon the type of product.

If the problem occurs after the warranty period what will happen? Do you trash it and buy a new one? Will your tight budget allow it? How about shelling out some dollars towards its maintenance, repairs and forget about problems. The home warranty program exactly does that, it can help you protect all the major home appliances in your home such as the refrigerator, oven, washer, dryer and many more. If your electric electronic or home appliance malfunctions, that will be repaired free of cost. If repairing is not possible, then you will get a new replacement.
The process getting extended warranty is simple and hassle free.

Extended warranty program is a contract between the service provider and the appliance user. The Service provider enters into a contract with the appliance user undertaking repairing or replacing the products if it is malfunctioned for a specified period and for a specified amount.

Extended Warranty on Home Appliances
Extended warranty program comes in different formats depending upon the appliance’s durability and price. Normally, if the appliance price is over $400, two years or four years extended warranty program is offered. For appliance priced below $400 they offer maximum one-year extended program. The coverage period begins immediately after the expiration of manufacturer’s warranty. If the covered item develops any problems, that will be repaired at free of cost including replacement of components if required.

The user has to inform the service provider’s customer care center as soon as he finds any malfunctions in the covered appliance. They will depute a service technician to test the item. If the problem is simple, the technician rectifies right there. But if it warrants a detailed testing process and replacements, perhaps some components which the technician may not carry with him always, he will inform the service center, and then the service center will collect the item and repair it. The user will get a repaired item or a new replacement if repairing is not possible.

Few things to be noted before entering any home appliance extended warranty programs. Generally, a third party provides this service. Manufacturers appoint service providers for their appliances after giving proper training in repairing their products. Therefore, one has to ensure that they are dealing with the manufacturer’s authorized service provider. This is because if the manufacturer does not authorize the service provider, they won’t be able to repair the appliance properly due to lack of knowledge in repairing such appliances. The second problem would be non-avialilabitly of spares for that particular appliance. Some times the manufacturers provide certain spares only to their authorized service centers.