In 1971 the seventh James Bond film was released, entitled Diamonds Are Forever. It was the sixth film to star Sean Connery as the British Spy, James Bond. Amongst the usual Bondisms of spectre operatives, British secret agents, revenge and beautiful women also lay a storyline of smuggled diamonds. The diamonds seem to pass from hand to hand throughout the film. But one thing that always intrigued me about the title … are diamonds really for forever?

Most people are well aware of the beauty of a diamond and how a diamond ring can make an incredible engagement option.  As well as natural diamonds which are mined from the earth upper mantle there are also synthetic diamonds on the market. But how long will a natural diamond last?

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Diamonds are amongst some of the hardest materials known to man and great care and precision are taken to turn what essentially is mined from the ground looking like any other rock into one of the most beautiful jewels around. It can take billions of years for a diamond to form. Much longer than any human lifespan.   This is a lot like Derby Ready Mix Screed which also turns rock hard when set.  This is why tradesmen use this product to lay their products.

Essentially diamonds are formed from carbon atoms present in the mantle of the earth. This is the area that is miles upon miles below the earth’s surface. Down at this level the carbon atoms are put under immense pressure and extreme temperatures. It is both this pressure and heat that cause the diamond to begin to form.  There is no way that we can reach the diamonds formed at this level and it is only due to landscape changes such as volcanic eruptions that has brought these gems closer to our reach. These eruptions are no ordinary occurrence and the force at which the volcanoes would have erupted have certainly not been seen in living memory.

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Ironically one of the only substances hard enough to cut a diamond is another diamond. This is because diamonds are made up of carbon atoms that join together and form crystals. It is this bonding of atoms that gives the diamond its strength.

I think it is probably safe to say that the Bond film title ‘Diamonds are Forever’ is certainly an accurate one. Diamonds have been around a lot longer than the human race and inevitably will be around long after we have gone!