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Setting up a  teenagers work space

Do you have a teenager at home who is trying to continue with their school work but is struggling to find the motivation and space to do so? Here are a few tips to help set up a workspace for your teenager to focus on their studies.

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Desk and Operator Chair – having the right desk space can make all the difference. This could be set up in their room or in a separate study space in the house. This can help them to feel more focused on the task in hand as they are more comfortable and supported in a correct chair and have the room to spread out their study materials on the desk. You can find some great solutions at

Schedule – sticking to a study schedule helps all of us and your teenager is no different. Have them draw up a timetable for the week that looks similar to how their school week would normally look. Make sure that they factor in break and lunch times and if possible get some fresh air in the garden during these times to help invigorate themselves for further study later on.

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Food – the right food can make all the difference to a study session. It can be tempting to fill up on snack food but the high sugar content will result in a sugar crash later in the afternoon that makes it difficult to concentrate. Fruit and vegetable snacks are a much better alternative.

Four Useful And Versatile Degrees

For those who are looking to enroll in a college program, or for those looking to change careers, job stability in the future is always a big consideration.  Doing what you love is the biggest pull for most, but you should also consider where your strongest skills lie, and what will offer you the most opportunities.  Going to school without knowing for sure what you want to do for a career is fine, but make sure you’re not going for an architecture degree if math frustrates you, when that will leave you pigeon-hold into a career you don’t want to do.  Options such as criminal justice or an online business degree offer flexibility that other educational paths won’t.  Here are a few ideas to consider if you’re looking for the most career options with your degree. Read More

4 Important Next Steps for College Grads

You’ve survived exam weeks, all nighters, last-minute assignments, and the mania of graduation, but now its time to enter the real world. There are several really important first steps you have to take once you’ve graduated to make sure you’re on the right track towards getting your dream job and being a successful adult.

Assess Your Finances

After your degree, the most important step is getting in control of your finances and knowing where you stand. If you took out student loans, make sure you know how much you owe and how much is due per month. If you graduated college with a huge stack of extra textbooks like many grads, you can trade these in for money at places like Campus Books to give you a quick financial boost. You’ll also need to establish a budget. Check out how much the median rent and utility amounts are in your dream city, plus how much you usually spend on transportation and food, and how many months you’ll be able to afford while searching for a job.

Update Your Wardrobe

The days of comfy t-shirts and jeans are behind you. You’ll need to get an updated wardrobe for interviews and your job if you want to stay competitive. You don’t have to blow tons of money at an upscale store, though. Scour local resale shops; they oftentimes have trendy and gently used professional wear that will help you make an excellent first impression during your interview and beyond. Consider purchasing versatile pieces that you can mix and match so you can create new looks without having to blow your budget. A simple blazer, khaki pants, and a few ties or pieces of jewelry can go a long way to class up your current wardrobe.

Find A Job

Not quite as simple as it sounds, finding a job after college is one of the biggest challenges recent graduates face. An excellent place to start is your school’s career center. Most career centers don’t require current enrollment to work with you, which makes it an invaluable tool for both recent graduates and current students. Career centers can help you update and refresh your résumé or curriculum vitae, practice interviewing, and discover new resources for expanding your job search.

If you have an ideal location for relocating to, browse local jobs before you take your search nationwide. Make sure you résumé is updated before you begin your job search, and keeping a running list of places you’ve applied can help you keep organized.

Write A Killer Cover Letter

Cover letters can make or break a job application, especially in today’s job market. Keep it to a page, and keep it personal; really let your voice shine through! Discuss exactly what makes you qualified for the job without relying on common words like ‘organized’ or ‘team player’ — give examples over bland adjectives. The cover letter is often what makes a first impression, so it’s important that it’s a strong example of what you can bring to the table.

Navigating the post-graduation world can be scary, but so long as you stay organized and motivated, you’ll be able to get on your feet in no time!

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MHRD awards scholarships to the Toppers of Class 12

During the XI Five Year Plan period Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Higher Education, Government of India introduced Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students on the basis of marks scored by these students in Class 12. No separate Exam is conducted by the government for this scholarship. Under this scholarship scheme brilliant students who belong to low-income families so that their day-to-day expenses while pursuing higher studies can be met.

The scholarship is awarded to the students on the basis of their class 12 performance. Out of the total 82000 scholarships, 41000 will be offered to girls and 41000 to boys. 82000 scholarships have been divided into State Boards which has been done on the basis ofthe State population coming under age group of 18-28 years. This has been done after separating share of CBSE and ICSE on the basis of number of candidates who have passed out from these Boards. In the ratio of 3:2:1the scholarships are allotted to the State Board amongst the students who have passed from three streams i.e. Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.


  • Gender: Both male and female are allowed.
  • Nationality: Candidate must an Indian citizen belonging to non-creamy layer as defined by Department of Personnel & Training.
  • Academics: Candidate must have passed Class 12 from either CBSE or ICSE or recognized State Boardswith below mentioned marks:
Stream Marks
Science 426
Commerce 412
Humanities 351


  • Candidate must have taken admission in any under graduate regular course offered bya recognized Educational Institutions or University in India.
  • Do not avail any other Scholarship along with this scholarship
  • Total Annual Income of parents from all sources should not be above Rs.6 Lacs.



The scholarship rate would be applicable as given:

  • Graduation Level: Candidates will be paid Rs. 1000 every months for the period of 3 years. At the end of the academic year Rs. 10000 will be disbursed in Lump Sum.
  • Post-Graduation Level: Candidates will be paid Rs. 2000 every months for the period of 2 years. At the end of the academic year Rs. 20000 will be disbursed in Lump Sum.
  • In case of Professional Courses candidates for the first three years will ba paid Rs. 1000 per month and later in the last two years they will be paid Rs 2000 per month.
  • Academic period is of 10 months.

How the Scholarship will be disbursed?

The Scholarship Amount is paid directly into the accounts of the selected candidates by the Central Government via ECS (Electronic Clearing System). Hence for receiving the Scholarship Amount candidates are required to have their bank account in any nationalized bank or commercial bank having the provision of ECS facility. Candidates have to provide correct RTGS/ NEFT branch code (11 digit alpha numeric code), Bank Name, valid Bank Account number and detailed address of the Bank and the of the Bank.

How the Scholarship will be renewed?

For theCentral Sector Scholarship renewal candidates have to dill the separate application form available Online provided you have secured 60% marks in all the subjects either in 2 semester or annual examinations

The scholarship rate would be applicable as given:

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How San Antonio personal injury lawyers will be useful?

Other than any of the injury lawyers, they have the experience, knowledge and training to help you by collecting damages from those who are responsible for the injuries. They also collect insurance claims that many companies will deny through the exploitation of multiple loopholes. The attorneys of this particular firm take care of all personal injury cases like slip and fall, car accident, nursing home abuse and so on. In every situation there is no need to struggle for claims and other issues against the negligence of famous companies. And individual don’t know about laws. And not in every claim you are considering against another party need a lawyer. The circumstances and facts dictate when you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

If you are involved in automobile accident that was not at your fault and the other party has a policy with low limits which does not compensate for the injuries. Ten in that case it is successful in handling the claim without the lawyer in San Antonio. San Antonio personal injury lawyers also collect other details like property damage, lost wages, medical bills and medical records and so on. An ordinary lawyer cannot do these personal things. Co-operation in providing such information will result in some form of settlement to avoid further litigation. For any kind of accidents and other nursing home abuses the specialised attorneys will help you in efficient manner.

Obtain The Claim With The Help Of Lawyers

The attorneys will help you in obtaining insurance. The insurance adjuster in San Antonio can seek to prove the fault and diminish the value of the claim. In those cases, you can retain an attorney early in the process. Most of the attorneys do not mind providing free advices to clients regarding settlement offer. If the offer is tendered, you need to accept them. But attorneys of this particular firm can reduce the fees and give free advices. You should remember that attorney can reduce the recovery by 33.33 percent. Another consideration in hiring the attorney relates to the amount of insurance coverage to pay the damages. If the person has injured you in any accident has different types of policies and it is not easy to discover the information. The person can have insurance with different companies which the insurance adjuster with whom you are trying to negotiate may not be aware of. They have of resources to confirm the existence of certain types of coverage. Placing an elderly person in an assisted living facility or a nursing home is a heart-wrenching decision. Millions of families need to consider placing a parent or grand-parent in a facility where they need medical needs and to meet day-to-day living needs. In some circumstances, it makes sense to hire a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio.

It is very important to choose a right personal lawyer to handle the issues. The job ethic of the lawyer says that a great deal about how exactly they will handle the case. Attempt to inquire regarding the injury and particular issue. Determine when the lawyer comes with an enormous quantity of understanding of situations regarding the injury. Choosing the personal injury lawyers play vital role in handling the issues. When the lawyer appears to talk too generic or they are irresponsible for the questions you have to choose another person as the personal lawyer. Also you have to look for a potential lawyer. Choosing the efficient lawyer will reduce the work partially in all kind of cases. Search online for best lawyers who satisfy your requirements regarding the cases.

A National Focus On Early Childhood Education

The declining standard of instruction in America is a real reason for stress. Our remaining on the planet group and our part as a pioneer among countries relies on upon an informed and mindful populace. It is individuals that make a country and it is the training they get that gives them the capacities to help national development and improvement. What exacerbates things is the way that the administration is using a tremendous sum on training – give or take 5.5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is apportioned to instruction from preschool through school. Read More