Back pain is something that is a common phenomenon nowadays. With back pain, there is discomfort in the lower part of the back and spinal column. The changes in lifestyles are considered to be the main reason for back pain like wrong posture and insufficient exercise. The treatment for back pain depends on its cause and varies from over the counter medicine to surgery.

Localized pain in the lower back is the main of back pain symptoms that can extend to the buttock and the leg of the affected side. Persistent pack pain leads to other back pain symptoms like weakness in the foot and loss of bladder control. In such situations, it is very important to have a proper medical check up.

Back Pain Symptoms

The lower back pain symptoms usually consist of cramping, stiffness and muscle spasms in the lower back. Pain usually lies in the back and also in buttocks that takes place in intervals. The pain gets aggravated with holding weight or else while doing any specific movement and relief is availed only with rest. There are other back pain symptoms that arise with root pressure in nerve that includes leg pain. This pain is usually because of pressure on the nerve, and not because of a muscle problem and starts from the buttock to the lower back part of the leg to the foot. This is usually referred to as sciatica.

Lower back pain symptoms sometimes become recovered or else get worse with some positions like bending forwards and backwards. The back pain can be turned worse by sudden activities that pact core muscles of the trunk like in coughing, sneezing, hard bowel movement or when you clutch your breath at some point while doing an activity. Other back pain symptoms include nerve linked problems like tingling, numbness and weakness in both legs.

If the back pain symptoms include not only weakness and numbness in both legs, and failure of bladder and bowel control, it is recognized as cauda equine syndrome that requires quick medical attention. Arthritis in the spine gives different back pain symptoms like ache and stiffness that is bad in the back and hip area. This type of pain usually worsens with time, and last more than three to six months. The back pain symptoms in arthritis are more pronounced in the dawn or after much time of inactivity. Back pain symptoms in arthritis tends to reduce with activity; however sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between back pain due to arthritis and an accident as symptoms in both conditions are similar.

Other back pain symptoms that depend on the severity and cause of the back pain is pain that is more in the specific portion of the spine, pain that starts slowly which can be quick or dull which lasts for more than two to three weeks and fever. Sometimes there is also some feeling of the spine to both pressure and touch and sometimes, the pain is so bad, that it tends to wake you from deep sleep. So it can be seen that back pain symptoms generally differs according to the cause of the back pain. You have to be able to identify the cause to provide the right treatment for back pain.