Whether you have been involved in an accident that left you injured or have been arrested for DUI or a more serious criminal offense, an attorney can protect your rights. Knowledgeable in specific areas of the law, an attorney has the skill and ability to protect your innocence or obtain the compensation you deserve if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence.

What are some of the areas an attorney may specialize in? Personal injury, DUI, defective products and product liability, nursing home abuse and neglect, wrongful death, perjury, identity theft, assault and battery, and internet crimes are just a few aspects of the law. A competent attorney helps the client to understand the legal process; together the client and lawyer can determine the best course of action to take.

You may need the services of an attorney even if your case does not go to trial in a courtroom. Lawyers are adept at negotiating settlements, plea bargaining and other legal processes that can often help in reducing penalties or sentences. It is always a smart decision to have an experienced attorney on your side if you are the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit as well so that you can secure a fair settlement.

In a defense capacity, an attorney will aggressively challenge evidence brought by the prosecution if your case does go to trial. He/She will review evidence and documentation of the crime, often performing their own investigations. The job of the prosecutor is to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; the defense attorney will try to make certain that doubt does indeed exist.

A personal injury attorney works on the other side of the fence, so to speak. He/she will work aggressively to ensure that victims in a personal injury lawsuit get the compensation they deserve. This compensation may include wages for lost work, reimbursement for medical expenses and even future medical costs, pain and suffering and more. Your injuries may have been caused by faulty or dangerous products, medical malpractice or even a car accident that was the fault of someone else. A personal injury attorney will work to obtain justice and see that the responsible party pays for their negligent actions.

Some lawyers represent the defendant, others represent the plaintiff in a lawsuit. Those who have been charged with a criminal offense should secure legal counsel from a capable defense attorney for the best outcome, and to avoid facing the ultimate penalties. An experienced defense attorney works on behalf of his/her client to protect their reputation, rights, and freedom.

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