Are you looking for little tricks to optimize your site? Let’s see some simple precautions to keep away potential SEO issues.

  1. Problems relating to the canonical homepage

This is probably the most common and easy error for incurring the penalty due to duplicate content.

Any variation of those listed below is for the search engine, a different page. Introducing a 301 redirect properly, which points to a single address, all incoming links will correctly their value and the duplicate content problem is solved. Sometimes get into in situations where the entire site will be seen as a duplicate in its version with and without www. Then pay attention to the double-redirect!


  1. Duplicate Title Tag

It’s just a simple report in Google Webmaster Tools (HTML Tips > Diagnostics). Export the report to Excel and begins to fix those title tags that have most of duplicates. Find out how much important content does not reflect an equally valid title, thus reducing the chances of visibility in the organic results.

3.302 Redirects

Find quickly and easily the list of URLs on your site that have a type 302 Temporary redirect. You should change all of these to 301 redirect to preserve better the link juice. My favorite tool is Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is free and does the dirty work in your place preparing you the list of redirects to be corrected. It’s worth a try.

  1. recommended URL Parameters

In Google Webmaster Tools, under site configuration > URL parameters, you can find a list of parameters related to your site that could cause a bad indexing. It then uses this tool to tell Googlebot if a parameter refers to the same page and make sure that ignore, indexing your site more efficiently.

  1. Watch your site as they see search engines

Have you ever dreamed to see how Google sees your content? Do not dream anymore, try to use to view your site as it sees a spider. Find out immediately if they are positioned in the right place and if there should be too many links or content not visible…