There is no law that says one must use an estate agent to sell a house, and with so much advice readily available online perhaps it is tempting to try and sell your home yourself. Some do, but we have five reasons below why hiring a professional is a better option.

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1. Knowledge

Internet research you could do yourself does not compare to the experience and understanding of the local market. Membership of professional bodies is another good indicator of experience and education.

The local area can make a big difference, and it pays to find an agent with sound local knowledge, so that if you find yourself saying something like, “I want to sell my property in Cheltenham online,” you can get the help easily.

2. Neighbourhood Knowledge

Experience with similar properties, and understanding what buyers are looking for and how much they are willing to pay, cannot be learned from reading alone, so not choosing an estate agent to sell your home could prove to be costly. They have access to information and data that Joe Public simply does not.

You may decide to get help to sell my property online in Cheltenham with with the benefit of knowledge of trends in the area, prices, demand and so on – all important when you are trying to get the best possible deal.

3. A Network

When you sell a house, it’s not just the estate agent that is key to the deal, and people considering going it alone should factor in who else the estate agent knows; think of other professionals, partner firms, etc. A personal recommendation is a great way to do business, and agents have ready access to a network.

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4. Future Business

Word of mouth goes both ways for estate agents, and they rely on recommendations themselves, so their reputation and after-care is important. They’ll look to build a relationship.

5. Paperwork

It is possible to do the work yourself, but there lots of forms to fill in, which is both time-consuming and complicated.

For more ideas on how to choose the right real estate agent, see the suggestions from Forbes.

Once you have completed your research, make your decision – though don’t forget that if you change your mind, it is easy enough to change your estate agent.