Ways to Help Freight Drivers Be More Efficient

The need to help freight drivers be more efficient is now more important than ever because our nation’s freight needs are constantly growing. Freight companies rely on efficient drivers that can adjust their routes to avoid traffic snarls so they can get to their destinations on time. When an efficient driver takes his or her turn at picking up goods it cuts down on wait times for the next load. It also ensures that the company can make their shipment arrive on time to its destination. Using fuel cards as a way to help freight drivers be more efficient has many benefits. For more details on a BP Fuel Card, visit https://www.fuelcardservices.com/fuel-cards/bp-fuel-cards

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One of the best benefits is that fuel cards can help reduce costs for the company. If there are fewer empty miles that must be carried by freight the company will pay for less in fuel expenses. This translates into more money saved for the end consumer, because the cost of fuel goes down for the company meaning savings can be passed on. This is especially true if there are multiple loads being carried by one freight driver.

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Another one of the ways to help freight drivers be more efficient is through training. By using the training provided, a driver can learn how to handle himself or herself better when faced with a variety of emergencies that might arise on the road. They will also learn how to operate their vehicle in the safest way thus reducing the risk of damage or accidents which can lead to downtime for the business.

What products can be made from bamboo

Bamboo products have increased in popularity over recent years, especially with people who are conscious about the impact that things like single use plastic are having on the environment around us. But, bamboo has actually been used for centuries in the construction of products and even in construction. It was used centuries ago for channelling water in an early form of plumbing.

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Since these early days bamboo has been used to create a number of different products. This is due to the fact that it is an incredibly sustainable product and it grows very quickly. This means that everytime bamboo is removed to be used in products, a new plant is already growing.

Here are some of the types of products that you can find made from bamboo.

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Bathroom – face cloths, makeup pads and brushes and toothbrushes from Bamboo Toothbrush UK companies like bambooth.com are all made from the wood. They are all products that are often made of single use plastic or are made from cotton that is disposed of. The bamboo alternatives can be used time and time again and decompose when they are thrown away.

Kitchen – plates, bowls, spoons, kitchen cloths and many more items are available made with bamboo wood and fibres. Again this can help to replace the need for plastic items that are not sustainable. Many kitchen utensils can also be found made out of bamboo.

There are many types of whiskey

Known as “the water of life”, whiskey is a powerful and popular spirit There are many types and categories that the drink falls into. Whatever type of whiskey it is when it comes to alcohol storage you have to look at using a bonded warehouse to store it all first. Bonded Warehouse Management Software, like that from Gaina Software helps to make sure that the stock is preserved in the best conditions until it is ready to sell.

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There are many types of whiskey. Here are the main ones.

  1. Single Malt – This is one of the classifications of a Scottish Whiskey. This is, as the name suggests, a non blended straight whiskey made with malted barley and wheat grains. It is generally drunk neat or with a splash of spring water or ice.
  2. Blended Whiskey – This is a popular drink as it is smoother and not as harsh as the single malt can be. It’s able to be mixed and lends itself better to the mixers that are on the market today.

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  1. Irish Whiskey – Another single malt but because it uses a different “mash process” it comes out smoother.
  2. Bourbon Whiskey – This is an invention from North America. It primarily uses corn as its main ingredient and this produces a much sweeter whiskey. It’s a very popular mixer spirit with ginger ale, lime and soda or lemonade being added to it. It can happily be consumed neat as well earning it the nickname of “the suppin’ whiskey”.

A clean office is a health and safety must have

There are many considerations that an office manager has to take into account. There is not only the supply of teas and coffees, but also the day-to-day nitty gritty to make sure the office opens and closes exactly when it should. It is also about providing the right working environment for the workers that choose to come and toil there everyday.

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One of the biggest reasons is health and safety. You cannot hope to have a successful business without the services of a Office Cleaning Forest of Dean based company http://intocleaning.co.uk/services/office-cleaning-gloucestershire/office-cleaning-forest-of-dean/ in your corner.

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We’ve all done a bit of health and safety training. It’s very true to say that in the office we are expected to be responsible for our own personal safety and to be mindful of others but if the environment is against you it does become a bit tricky to achieve this! Remember that most accidents at work, regardless of what you do for a living, see slips and trips as the main cause of incident and injury.  There is a very good reason for this if the place is left in a total mess with stuff and rubbish just lying around. You can’t expect people already working hard for you to work in shifts that mean they are cleaning beyond their shifts. Get a regular team in and the office will become a more harmonious working environment.

Summers almost done, bring on the Autumn

As late August comes and goes the meteorological clock ticks along and tells the world that Autumn is soon to be upon us. It’s a strange time of year. The weather is still warm and pleasant, there is even the chance of a mini heatwave, but nature is soon sending you the signs that the summer’s done. That weather can turn pretty quick to wild wind and ravaging rain. The tree’s leaves begin to turn brown and then shed, migratory birds like the Swallow and Housemartins swarm and take their leave to go back to Morocco and wasps suddenly become very grumpy, even more so than usual. Children start the academic year and those carefree summer days recede for a period of reflection and preparation for the coming winter months.

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It’s a good time to look at your wardrobe and see what needs clearing out, what needs adding and what needs to be packed away. It’s time to think about thicker trousers like cargo pants, polo shirts and maybe some jeans if yours are getting raggedy. This is why you need to spend some time looking at Mens Mish Mash Clothes. They have a great range of Autumn wear and styles.

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The colours for Autumn are usually a deep richer hue to suit the changing surroundings. Vermillion reds and chocolate browns are popular, black is still the eternal choice for safety. Olive drab is anything but and dark greens should also feature in the new look for the year.

Focussing on Employee Health – The Importance of Good Health in Businesses

Sickness in the workplace has been a problem for many employers, but never so much as in these pandemic-ridden times. In July, we heard a lot about the ping-demic – people having to isolate and being notified by the test and trace app, and the negative effects that this was having on workplaces all over the country as staff were forced into isolation. This meant that many businesses had to close due to a lack of staff.

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As we get used to living with the virus, for business owners ensuring that staff are as safe as possible is important, and as well as the physical illnesses, mental illnesses too can be a problem at work. Many long-term bouts of sickness and absence from work are caused by mental illness, and the longer that someone is off, the less likely they are to return to work.

Therefore, good health at work is not only more beneficial for the employees, but also more beneficial for the business as a whole. Supporting employees with their mental health is also something that is important.

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Something that you can do if you want to look after the health – both physical and mental – of employees is to contact a professional such as this Occupational Health Wales based company https://insightworkplacehealth.co.uk/ who will be able to help you with this and give support and advice when needed.

Late August and Early September – Things to Do in the Garden

As the summer months start to come to an end, there is still a lot to do in the garden to keep it looking its best. Keeping on top of things will ensure that your garden is ready for the winter months and can take all the weather has to throw at it!

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By now you may have a few plants that have gone over, so now is the time to start to clear them away. There are a lot of plants that you can put in their place to add a splash of autumn and winter colour so don’t worry about the garden looking drab – order from home from somewhere like this Online Garden Centre Kent https://www.simplygogardening.co.uk and you can breathe new life into pots and borders.

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Now is the time that leaves will soon start to fall if they haven’t started already, so keep a rake handy to do regular clear ups of any leaves that have fallen into your garden! You can also use the dead leaves in a compost bin, so that by next year you will have turned that garden rubbish into nourishment for new plants.

If there is any damage in the garden especially to things like sheds and fencing, now is the time to get it repaired. Doing this before winter kicks in will help to prevent problems like fences blown down by winter gales, or water getting into the shed through a leaky roof and damaging the contents.

How to Style Your Hoodie

A hoodie is the ultimate in casual fashion and style. It is a fantastic addition to your summer wardrobe in any season, as it will keep you warm on a cold day or a chilly night. Not only that, but it makes you feel cosy and comfortable too. Here are some great ways to style them.

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With Jeans

Jeans and mens Superdry hoodies are a fantastic combination and the best way to rock the casual look whether you are chilling out at home or hanging out with friends. If you want to get yourself noticed, opt for mens Superdry hoodies in a bold vibrant colour. Green and yellow are both trendy this season. Team with a pair of blue or black jeans to look stylish.

With Trousers

Be careful what trousers you wear with your hoodie, as a formal look won’t necessarily match. Chinos can look great with a hoodie. Opt for dark colours such as black or grey with dark chinos or go for a lighter-coloured hoodie if you are wearing a pair of lighter-coloured chinos.

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If you are wearing with a pair of smarter trousers, then a zip-up hoodie can look good, as this can be worn instead of a jacket. However, you might want to take off your suit jacket and tie and just wear the suit and trousers to tone down the office style if you are travelling to work or meeting colleagues for a post-work drink in the bar.


Tops should be kept casual under a mens Superdry hoodie, and this season’s t-shirts are bold and bright in colour. Find a matching-colour hoodie or play down a bright t-shirt with a black or neutrally coloured hoodie. A hoodie is a fantastic way of making sure that you are not too cold when the sun goes down, because here in the UK the temperature can drop rapidly at night, which can make you feel quite cold. However, with a snuggly hoodie on you won’t have a chance to feel the cold.

These are some great ideas on how to style your hoodie for a comfortable and casual look that will suit different occasions.

How to Make Your Home More Modern

If you are thinking about renovating and redesigning your home to make it look more modern you will need to plan carefully, and most likely get help from a professional interior designer. There are many big and small changes that you can do to your home, and numerous design ideas to choose from. This can be overwhelming and make it hard to choose. Read on for some helpful tips for making your home more modern.

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The first thing you can do to make your home more modern is use natural materials, and choose neutral, earthy colours to give your house a contemporary feel. Try using materials that are from local and sustainable sources, to make sure your renovation and redesigning process is eco-friendly. You could even try using reclaimed materials which can give your house a true 2021 design.

Secondly, to give your house the ultimate modern makeover, you could get fitted wardrobes. If you are looking to buy Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire, I recommend Lamco fitted wardrobes. There are a variety of gorgeous designs to choose from. Not only are fitted wardrobes stylish, but they also can make organising your clothes a lot easier if you have a lot.

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Additionally, you could redesign your dining room or living room to make them open plan. Breakfast bars are another modern feature worth adding to your kitchen if you don’t already have one.

Lastly, the easiest way to make your house as modern as possible, is by using minimal design. Minimalism is especially good for the bedroom to make it a more relaxing place to sleep.

How To Encourage Employee Attendance

For obvious reasons, you’re going to want your employees to attend their jobs as much as possible. Preferably, there would never be any absences, but the reality is that people get ill, and unexpected emergencies happen. There are things employers can do however, which I will explain below, to help decrease the number of absences.

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Firstly, keep a track of the number of times someone is off work. Keeping a record will prevent people thinking they are being treated unfairly and therefore avoid any legal issues. This won’t encourage attendance, but it will help you be clear on whether someone is taking a bit too much off, or if there is a pattern to their absences.

Make your expectations clear by possibly creating a handbook or document that states how many absences are too much. Expectations are generally conveyed through the company’s culture, so make it clear to people when you hire them what will be expected of them and how high-pressure the environment will be. Don’t forget to lead by example.

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Reduce the number of employees taking sick leave not by forcing them to come in anyway but by keeping the office and work environment as clean as possible. For Contract Cleaning Cheltenham, I highly recommend Big Green Cleaning who only use products that are good for the environment.

Preventing illness in the first place, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, is the best way to prevent sick leave. You should have health and safety regulations in place anyway to ensure that employees don’t feel at risk of getting infected by covid at work.

Lastly, communicate regularly with your employees to check in with how they feel about their workload and schedule. It may be that this is what is causing them to take leave so often. You could adjust the amount of work they have and their timetable to suit them better.