Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions a woman will ever have to make. As well as the dress itself, other things to consider are whether to wear a veil and whether you should have a train. Here we look at choosing a dress, as well as the pros and cons of veils and trains.

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Choosing the Right Dress

According to Brides Magazine the average cost of a wedding dress is £1378. There are many beautiful wedding dress designs to choose from but at that sort of price, it is vital that you pick the design and style that is right for you.  Some brides pick a dress that suits the venue they have chosen for their big day for example somewhere like a Windsor Hotel found at options including
Your wedding dress should say something about you and be right for your shape and frame. It should also be appropriate for your wedding and the time of year that you have chosen to get married. You may want to keep the style simple without a veil or a train but for some women, both of these items are essential to the perfect dress.

Veil or Train? Both or Neither!

According to, the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore in 2011 is still influencing wedding dress styles after five years. The fact that she had a train has meant that this part of the wedding dress is now back in fashion. However there are rules of etiquette regarding having a train on your wedding dress so these should be considered when making your choice.

On a practical point, if you have a train of any length it is a good idea if possible to hook it up either inside or outside your dress for when you are dancing in the evening. With regard to a veil, some like the tradition of having the face covered at the start of the wedding while others are less bothered so this really is a matter of personal choice. For those that are aiming for a veil or a train, many people use sites like google and others for more ideas regarding potential looks.

Hopefully this has not only given you ideas about the sort of dress you might want but has provided some food for thought about whether you want a veil or a train to add that little bit extra to your dress.