Xiaomi again shows that when it comes to launching economic productsfew can cope and now attacks the waterline of one of the flagship products of Apple how AirPods are. The wireless headphones of the Cupertino see appear on the horizon a rival that did not have that presumes an unbeatable price in the Chinese manufacturer line.

And is that Xiaomi has presented its wireless headphones My AirDots Youth Edition, a headset that is quite similar to Apple AirPods to which they add a price rather than striking.

The My AirDots Youth Edition are small wireless headphones that have a simple and ergonomic design, which come accompanied by a case that also serves as a charger . Very much in the style of other models such as the aforementioned AirPods , the Bragi of The Dash or the Sony WF-1000X. It is a lightweight headphones, each weighing only 4.2 grams and both with the box weigh 39 grams in total.

Instead of the elongated shape of the AirPods, this model of Xiaomi has a capsular design that serves to offer a touch zone to enable the usual controls to silence them or answer a call. Some controls that however are not useful to manage the musical reproduction .

They offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which favors the range and lower energy consumption. They are also backwards compatible with previous versions of Bluetooth such as 4.2 and Bluetooth standards HFP, A2DP, HSP and AVRCP .

Inside they mount a 7.2 millimeter speaker and to improve the sound they have True Wireless Stereo technology. They are also compatible with Xiaomi’s personal assistant, so we can control them by verbal commands.

And since we are talking about wireless connection, we have to refer to the battery. The My AirDots Youth Edition integrates a 40 mAh battery that offers up to 12 hours of autonomy , offering a full charge in an hour and a half. The case offers a 300 mAh battery that serves as a charger and whose recharge time reaches 2 and a half hours.