From beyond the grave, or rather since the 1990s, File Manager has returned to run on all currently supported versions of Windows including, of course, Windows 10. Originally launched with Windows 3.0, WinFile replaced the command line interface of Windows. MS-DOS.

This file manager from Microsoft allowed us to copy, move, delete and search files until the 2000s. And, now, it allows us to do exactly the same thanks to the two versions released by a Redmond development manager, Craig Wittenberg. , licensed by MIT.

This relic of the computer comes back to life in two versions available for download from GitHub : the original and one modified to the whim of Wittenberg for personal use . In the Releases section we can find them both.

Original File Manager and File Manager 10.0

More than ten years ago, this developer copied the Windows NT 4 File Manager code and has been maintaining it until now. The original version, as the name suggests, provides the original experience of use. The modified one, which wouldbe equivalent to the 10.0 version of File Manager , includes changes and additions that its manager since 2007 has found useful.

Although running this application in Windows 10 does not stop being a curiosityin the form of a nostalgia attack, it does not bring us anything more than that, the work done by Wittenberg is an ode to retrocompatibility and a charming journey into the past that more than one will appreciate .