Who doesn’t love taking a luxury break away every now and again? Sometimes it’s exactly what you need to de-stress from the worries, anxieties and responsibilities of everyday life. The Galapagos Islands are a volcanic archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean. This cluster of tropical islands is home to an entire range of diverse and exotic creatures, including tortoises, Marine iguanas, Flightless cormorants and even a few cute fur seals that have a tendency to wave at tourists on the beach. The human footprint is barely noticeable on these remarkable islands, allowing visitors a unique experience that has not been trampled by industrial buildings, skyscrapers or demolished scenery.

Why your Next Luxury Holiday should be at the Galápagos Islands

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Galapagos Wildlife

As mentioned above, these gorgeous volcanic islands are home to many different species. You need to have your camera at the ready if you want to snap the perfect wildlife shot while you’re out and about in your flip-slops and bathing suits. One of the most beloved species that call these islands home are the giant tortoises, who are actually one of the largest of their kind on the planet. Unfortunately, these creatures have diminished in population. According to Mother Nature Network, there was once 250,000 tortoises living on the island, but early human settlers and other factors have seen the species reduce to only 15,000.

Other forms of wildlife include incredibly cute fur seals, finches, penguins, blue-footed boobies, lava lizards and many more, including the unusual iguana species. These iguanas differ from others on the planet because it prefers a seaweed based diet since nutritious vegetation is quite hard to come by on the island.

Sights and Attractions

The Galapagos Islands contain a huge range of sights and attractions for tourists to enjoy. The only problem is that there is so much to see you would be better taking one of the popular Galapagos cruises available from http://www.steppestravel.co.uk/galapagos-islands-holidays-and-cruises. Luxury cruises such as this one ensures that you experience the beauty and luxury of these islands at a steady pace, which means you will get to see all of the main attractions and much more.

Take a long stroll on the Tortuga Bay, a white sandy beach that you can sink your feet into and surf the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean. Here you can spot sharks out at sea, marine iguanas and even a few cheery pelicans. You can also get up close and personal with a few volcanoes, including the Volcán Sierra Negra which erupted in late 2005 and measures 1490m. If you want to see all of this and more, you’ll have to book your ticket now.