Many employees don’t look forward to team bonding days, but they remain one of the most important and valuable investments you can make for your team. They can also be enjoyable and inspiring.


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As detailed in a Business World article, once you ignore the negative connotations that have attached themselves to the term, team-bonding exercises have a number of distinct benefits. From building trust and opening channels of effective communication, your team will be motivated, engaged and productive.

Such negative connotations have only surfaced because the series of tasks that are usually presented to teams are so uninspiring, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of imagination, team bonding exercises can also be enjoyable.

Team Building Doesn’t Have to be Corporate

Trying to fit a bonding exercise into a corporate atmosphere just doesn’t work. Keep in mind that the most memorable exercises don’t come from trying to mould tasks into a neat little corporate box. Even something as simple as sharing an experience can be beneficial and bring the team closer together.

With the holiday season approaching quickly, your mind may be occupied with thoughts of Christmas work nights out. This can be the perfect opportunity to create an atmosphere that will encourage your employees to connect organically. With a company like Davis Events Christmas corporate nights out won’t feel like a typical work outing. There may not be any tasks dedicated to thinking about what makes a great leader or how to open effective channels of communication, but sometimes just spending an evening together outside the workplace can have the biggest positive impact.

Think Outside the Box

The company picnic may have been a yearly occurrence for decades, but it’s likely that the prospect isn’t as fun or inspiring as it once was. We all find ourselves falling into ruts sometimes and the best way to move forward is to try something. The same notion applies within the workplace. Choose an activity that no one has done before and that will encourage laughter and result in a feeling of joint accomplishment, such as paint-balling or go-karting. Connections will be formed organically through a shared experience. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but make sure that the positive energy felt that day is carried back into the office environment.