As we enter a new world of Covid-19, making sure our workplaces are safe and secure for employees and visitors alike is crucial. Here is what the future reception area might look like as we all learn to live with a new virus in circulation:

Contact track and trace

This is part of an approach to keep businesses and the community Covid secure. One part involves tracking the movement of people around a workplace to keep a log of who may have been exposed should a positive case occur. Keeping track of visitors for signing in purposes is another part of this approach, so people can be contacted and traced if an outbreak occurs.

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Extra Sanitation

Businesses are providing hand sanitiser for people entering the building, as well as scheduling regular wiping down of surfaces and buttons that people may touch. This extra cleaning can help instil greater confidence in a business and safeguards against any bugs that can linger on surfaces.

Contact-free check-in

By using visitor management software, you can avoid the need to have paper lying around the reception desk and the concern over constantly re-used pens. It is easier to keep a screen sanitised regularly than it is to keep washing pens. For more info on Visitor Management System ideas, Visit OFEC.

Temperature Scanners

One of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of all in the workplace is to check the temperatures of all those entering. Scanners for checking body temperature are likely to become a common sight for the foreseeable future.

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