You have spent a fortune on your wedding and have more wonderful photos than you know what to do with. What exactly do you do with all those beautiful images? Sticking them away in a cupboard to gather dust seems such a shame when so much money and effort went into the occasion. Here are some lovely ideas for displaying your shots and getting the most out of the special day you invested so much in:

Instead of one framed picture, you could create a mini collage of your favourite images from the day. That way you don’t have to decide on just one or two to display. It’s fun, colourful and an interesting way to group photos from events like a wedding. Why not create a family timeline and include wedding photos from the older generations of your family too?

Polaroid images from the day can be arranged in a romantic heart shape without a frame. It’s both a dramatic yet fun way to show off your favourite photos. If you think a heart is too cheesy, then try any shape such as circles, stars or rectangles.

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For a relaxed, rustic display, why not consider using painted pegs or hooks for hanging your best shots across a room or mantel? This method offers great flexibility as you can chop and change the images when you want to look at different ones or change the order of the display whenever you feel like it.

Don’t forget the traditional album though. Many of our images lie unseen in digital format, but nothing feels quite as good as flipping through a beautiful and traditional photo album. For an event as important as a wedding, it can be nice to keep some traditions by creating your own special album to be passed down through future generations of your family. Not everyone wants to see the images on Facebook, and nothing looks and feels as good as the real thing. Speak to your photographer about what’s available and popular choices. For a Wedding Photographer Bexley, visit

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Many couples choose to display their best images on canvasses and other unique items. Using the wonders of the internet, couples can have their favourite images printed onto almost anything. This is fun if you have loads of images you love and can’t choose between them. Order prints, canvasses, personalised calendars, mugs, cushions, tee-shirts and a myriad of other novelty gifts. Whilst you don’t want to turn your home into a strange kind of wedding museum, having your most-loved images dotted around your home can be a wonderful reminder of your special day.

Another sweet idea is to incorporate your images onto Thank You cards that you send out to your guests. The recipient will be thrilled to see pictures from the day and it makes for a lovely reminder and keepsake.