Should the worst happen and you get locked out of your car, don’t panic. There are several methods to correct the problem. It doesn’t matter how you got locked out, you need to remain calm and consider these hints to get back in.

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Stay calm and consider the options

Panicking in difficult situations is common. The last thing you want to do is ask for help only to find out you have a door that was unlocked the whole time. Be sure to calmly and carefully check all the doors, as well as the boot before calling for help.

Can you recall where the spare key is? Maybe there is someone who can bring it to you. Investment in key replacements can pay for itself from time to time, and you will often be grateful that you made the effort to organise it.

Call an auto locksmith

This is most likely the quickest option, especially if it’s an emergency. For the assistance of an Auto locksmith Southend, visit a site like Bright’s, a leading Auto locksmith Southend.

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Try to open the doors yourself

Professionals will have the right tools to do the job but for DIY to open the door, you’ll need a few tools. Most vehicle rescue companies use a device called a wedge pump, an inflatable device that can open the door. A useful thing to own is a blood pressure cuff. It is strong enough to withstand the pressure without tearing. It’s also possible you have one at home or can ask a friend or family member to pick one up if nearby.