Reducing our energy costs can result in properties becoming filled with nasty pollutants and other irritants, which can lead to an increase in allergy symptoms or an unpleasant living environment. There are a number of ways you can improve the air quality within your house, starting with removing the build up of dust, pet hairs and cigarette smoke through an air filtration system, such as an air purifier. But which type is best suited to your needs?

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The best air filters

Choosing a good air purifier will remove all the basic allergens, along with cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and viruses. However, there are systems that will work better for certain environments, such as those that are more effective for asthma sufferers, but not as good on odours. The specific system that you choose will depend on the individual filtration problems that you have.

Asthma sufferers

Dust particles can be a big problem for the one in five households that are affected by asthma and, with someone hospitalised due to the condition every eight minutes on average, it’s important to filter out as much of this as you can. A good HEPA filter in your system should be sufficient enough to remove the majority of the particles, and there are models that are specifically designed for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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Hay fever

Heating and ventilation systems in offices are typically cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, such as installing a new ductwork blast gate damper, available from suppliers like, but home filtration units are not always as effective. This can cause particular problems during the hay fever season and you’ll need a good air purifier that is effective at removing all types of pollen, including grass, birch and weed pollen. A filtration system with a powerful fan will allow all the air within a room to be exchanged four to five times an hour, which will ensure the air is clean enough.

Cigarette smoke

In order to properly remove the lingering odour of cigarette smoke, you should go for a HEPA air purifier that has a carbon filter. The carbon is essential as this is the only material that can absorb these smells, and the more carbon it contains the more effective it will be.