Although we all give a lot of thought to what we’ll wear for a wedding, christenings can be a different story. Your usual party clothes may not be suitable, especially if you’re a part of the ceremony itself, but you also don’t want to be paying out for an outfit that you won’t wear again.

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So, what are the best wardrobe choices for this special day? Here are our top tips:

Simple and classy

Take a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book and chose something plain and simple. For Princess Charlotte’s christening, the Duchess of Cambridge chose an off-white coat dress which looked stunning. Although you may not want to choose white, going for some classic tailoring is never a bad idea. These are the sort of outfits that can be paired with different accessories to make a smart work outfit.

Don’t choose anything with a pattern as that’s one way to quickly date your outfit. Instead, pick something in a pale colour, or a neutral shade that you can pair with a more interesting blouse or scarf.

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Don’t upstage anyone

Even if you are one of the party, you don’t want your outfit to gain more attention than the parents or grandparents. Even in summer, you want to avoid showing too much skin at a christening. If you do choose a strappy dress or something with bare shoulders, then pair it with a shrug or shawl to keep things modest. On a similar note, try not to choose any patterns or colours that are too bright or eye-catching. Go for something understated, or better still choose a classic look such as pale colours and lace.


You might be tempted to take a small dress bag, but don’t forget you’ll have a christening gift and card to manage. If you are stuck for ideas, then the Ireland christening gifts site might have some inspiration.

Low heels

One thing you can guarantee you’ll find at a christening is children. Children like to run around, dance, and generally don’t stop moving from dawn ‘til dusk. If you want to keep up with them then don’t wear high heels. Go for something low, ideally a block heel for stability.

Those are our top tips for choosing a christening outfit. If you keep things simple and understated you won’t go far wrong!