Agile is a software development project management tool that is rapidly becoming the norm, with the scrum master role an important part of this. Here we explore the role of the scrum master and how it plays a key part in delivering a successful project outcome.

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How is the Agile framework used?

The Agile framework is implemented using short pieces of work, which are known as sprints, and daily meetings, which are known as scrums, that work on small parts of a project at a time until the whole project is completed. There are three key roles in this: team members, product owner and the scrum master.

What is the scrum master’s role?

The scrum master is the leader of the scrum team and plays a number of roles to ensure the Agile process is adhered to and that the project is a success:

1. Creates a safe, supportive and collaborative environment so that the project can proceed with maximum productivity and creativity.
2. Helps the product owner to stick to scrum practices by helping him or her to understand the techniques involved and plan each stage of the project.
3. Provides facilitation, coaching, guidance and other support to the team as a whole and seeks to take out any obstacles that might be encountered.
4. Seeks to support individual effort and provide a mentoring role to help each team member to stay productive and focussed and to tackle any issues that may arise throughout the project.

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Part of the reason for the success of the scrum master role is the fact that the actions described above are targeted at many levels: at the business level, the product manager level, the scrum team level and the individual level.

Scrum masters must be certified; therefore, training is key for this role. Whether you are considering scrum master training in Dublin or an Agile overview in London, there are many organisations that can assist, such as althris and the not-for-profit organisation Scrum Alliance.

Scrum is not only used in software development but also in any organisation in virtually any business sector to streamline development processes and deliver successful projects on time and on budget; therefore, scrum masters are in high demand.