What makes oak such a popular choice? There is so much material to choose from these days that we do not need to purchase wood and yet more people are still falling in love with it. Oak is one of the most widely used woods for furniture and here we see why.


There is something about oak which is just beautiful. A highly visible grain and a fluid finish of style, quality and sophistication. When oak is treated, the varnish shows all the grain and offers a stunning contrast. This is the kind of wood that is highly suitable for feature pieces of furniture that you want to stand out, such as dining or coffee tables. Oak also makes a great material for exterior use. Find out more about Oak Framed Garages from a site like Timberpride, a supplier of Oak Framed Garages

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Universal appeal

Oak easily fits into any decor and can be coordinated with the interior design of the contemporary or more traditional. It can also be combined with many other materials and does not steal attention unless you want it to. The benefits of choosing oak mean you get a truly unique piece as the grain will be different for each piece of furniture. No two pieces will ever be the same and this can add real rustic warmth to your home.

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Oak can be sourced at reasonable prices and it needs minimal maintenance. A biennial paint job is the only treatment that a piece of oak needs. It is easy to remove dents or scratches with a quick buffing. Oak can also be sanded down if you like the look of antique and desire old oak to be restored to its former glory.