Champagne is one of the best drinks in the world, but only if it is made right. Cheap, poorly made bubbly can leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth, but proper champagne is crisp, refreshing and delicious.

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What exactly makes for a delicious champagne? Since champagne was first invented in 1693, lots of different types of champagne have emerged, so it can be difficult to separate the bad from the good. Thankfully, there are few things you can look out for.

Here are a few things you should know about excellent champagne.

Signs of excellent champagne

Of the best ways to tell if champagne is good is by looking at the bubbles. Smaller bubbles tend to indicate better champagne, as they add a refreshing, crisp taste as well as more tropical flavours. On the other hand, bigger bubbles tend to taste worse, and they are also more likely to give you a headache!

The cost

Price is also a good indicator of quality. Dom Pérignon is considered by many to be the best champagne, but it does cost around $180 for a bottle, so this is definitely an expensive option.

A slightly cheaper option is Veuve Clicquot, which costs around $50 for a bottle. This champagne is light and fruity, and it has bright, wine-like qualities. This shows that the cost does affect how good the champagne will taste, so it is worth spending a little more if you want a really great taste.

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Champagnes from North America

Champagne is normally made in France, but North America is also known for producing a selection of excellent champagnes, including crisp California and New Mexico sparkling wines that taste very similar to champagne. These offers tend to be much cheaper than champagne – in fact, you can pick up a bottle for as low as $15 – and they taste nearly as good, so they are a great option for anyone who wants to drink delicious sparkling wine on a budget.