No one wants to hear strange noises coming from their attic, as this is usually a sign that unwanted visitors are living in your roof. Unfortunately, attics are attractive environments for rodents, birds and squirrels. Rats, mice and squirrels can cause fire risks by chewing through electric cables and can also damage stored items by gnawing through them. Birds can cause noise pollution, leave mess over your storage and damage the eaves by nesting there.


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Rats will make gnawing and scratching sounds. It is very serious if they take up residence in your attic, as they can spread particularly nasty diseases. They will leave dark brown or black droppings, which are spindle shaped and up to 2cm long. Infestation will have to be treated by the professionals, who will also proof your attic to prevent re-entry.

Mice will make similar sounds but have smaller droppings of up to 0.5cm long. Again, professionals have a range of solutions to treat the infestation and prevent it happening again.


Nuisance bird management is a growing area of treatment, with specialist nuisance bird management services increasingly in demand. Birds in the attic will make flapping and vocal sounds and leave an obvious mess. Pigeons in particular can spread disease and need to be professionally removed.

What should you do if you hear a noise?

If you hear a noise in the attic, you should have it investigated by a professional. If droppings start to build up and nests form, insects can become a secondary problem – inviting diseases and bugs into your living space and making the situation even worse.

Other pests

Other problems are commonly experienced with insects such as cockroaches, wasps and flies. Bats can also live in eaves and great care needs to be taken in identifying and dealing with them, as bats are legally protected.

Stay vigilant

To keep an eye on your attic, regularly pop up to see whether anything appears to be untoward and to look for signs of any unwanted visitors – droppings and signs of gnawing are good clues. If you suspect that there are rats or squirrels in the attic, do not attempt to enter it yourself; instead, call a professional pest control expert for advice.