Buying a gift for a man is no easy feat, unless they give you direct instructions. It’s especially difficult to buy for the man who appears to already own everything he desires. Thankfully, there are some amazing gifts that are more unusual or off-the-wall and include things he probably would never think of himself. Here are just a few unique gift ideas for the man who has (almost) everything:

  1. Drive Day

These are fairly common place these day and you might not think they are unique enough. However, not many guys get the chance to drive the car of their dreams, such as an Aston Martin.  The ultimate in gift-giving is one which offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and driving a sleek, expensive Aston Martin certainly ticks that box.

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  1. Executive Coffee Maker

Is your chap a coffee connoisseur? Then he would appreciate taking his coffee-making to the next level with an expert grinder to dabble with. Some of the best on the market include 40 calibrated grinding settings for the ultimate cup of coffee.

  1. Action Holiday

Who needs relaxing beach vacations or the run-of-the-mill adventure sports he may have already tried? What you need for your fella is a trip to Japan to learn the way of the true ninja. Should your man’s bucket list contain references to wanting to train as a ninja warrior, then this pricey but once in a lifetime holiday is the perfect investment.

  1. Hut

Based on the traditional wheeled huts that shepherds once used, these custom-made mobile spaces can be placed in your garden and offer the ideal man-cave. Whether he’s a keen gardener who needs additional space, a home-worker who would benefit from a private office space or a hobbyist looking for a space to spread out – this is the perfect gift.   If you are planning to keep valuables in your hut though and your at work most days a Security Seal sourced at sites like could be a great idea to keep the temptation for a burglar at a low risk.

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  1. Home Cinema Seat

Have a great TV set-up but seating not ideal? Then treat him to a cuddle couch designed for prime- time movie watching. The couch is designed to fit two people comfortably and comes with drinks holders, cushions and an attached side table for snacks and popcorn.

  1. Bespoke Shoes

Guess what? You can have shoes specially made for your feet. Imagine the supreme comfort of walking around in a pair of shoes that were literally made for you. They will cost more, but for a truly special and unique gift, find a long-established shoemaker and treat your man to a one-off, perfectly fitting pair of shoes.

  1. Antique Personal Wear

For those who appreciate the finer things in life and love history, why not consider finding a vintage or antique pair of cufflinks or fancy watch? No run-of-the-mill, mass produced average items for the man in your life – he’ll be sporting one-off, antique style with items that have a past and a story to tell.