Amazon is already known as a retail giant, offering low prices and fast delivery for a huge range of goods. Now the firm has a new trick up its sleeve as it plans to move into the world of physical grocery stores, offering customers a seamless, stress-free and convenient way to pick up their daily essentials.

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How it works

The new store heading for a high street near you is called Amazon Go. As the name suggests, customers pick up the items they want and leave without having to pass through any kind of checkout system. To shop in the store, you need to have an Amazon Prime account and download the Amazon Go app onto your smartphone. All you need to do is scan your phone as you enter the store, pick up the items you need and go.

The first Amazon Go store is already up and running in Seattle, although at present it is only available to Amazon employees. According to a recent report in the Guardian, the UK brand name has already been patented, meaning it is likely that the format will appear on our shores as soon as it has been proven to be a hit with customers in the US.

The changing face of commerce

The exponential rise in ecommerce, which has helped to foster rapid growth in companies such as Dublin SEO agency, is an indication of how much consumers enjoy swift and efficient transactions when making their purchases. Now the possible introduction of cashless stores and no checkout process to negotiate means that other stores are going to have to raise their game if they wish to stay relevant in the digital marketplace.

Customers have already become accustomed to using self-service checkout machines in order to bypass lengthy checkout queues, and now the introduction of “Walk Out Technology”, as Amazon Go has christened its cashless interface, looks set to make the shopping experience even easier. In an already beleaguered high street, retailers are going to have to rise to the challenge to survive.

Digital marketing looks set to become an increasingly important part of every retailer’s strategy, ensuring that they can compete with the retail giants who are spearheading these changes to the way we shop.