Ovarian cysts are little sacs within the ovaries that have over some time, stuffed with fluid. Ovarian cysts are formed when the sac that the egg grows in, either does not release the egg and keeps filling it or after the egg is released, closes and continues to fill up with liquid. There are many types of cysts, varying in symptoms and complications it can develop.

The unfortunate truth concerning the removal of ovarian cysts is that doctors can frequently resort to contraceptives or painful surgeries once it involves their technique of treatment. These treatments might offer temporary relief or suspension of your cysts, they are not a permanent cure and your condition can possibly come back.

When choosing a method for the cyst removal, it is a little difficult, significantly if you are in your child-bearing years, because, weighing up on the severity of your condition, your doctor might even suggest removal of the ovaries instead of simply removing the cyst. This might be a devastating thought for girls who try to attempt pregnancy in future.


Before choosing a treatment for the removal of ovarian cysts, it is essential to check what type of cyst you are handling. However, there is definitely nothing wrong with keeping your choices open. It is important to select the treatment based on what type of cyst you are handling. If there is a possibility that it might be cancerous, then it should be handled with care. Below are few methods that can possibly be opted for treating ovarian cysts.

  1. Surgery- Most likely either laparoscopic surgery or surgery under a general anesthesia. In severe cases, removal of the ovaries can also counseled by your doctor.
  2. Prescription Medicines (Often Contraceptives) – Not an excellent selection if you are making an attempt to conceive.
  3. Natural Cures – There are several ayurvedic treatments for curing ovarian cysts. These techniques are incorporated based on your lifestyle and standard of living. Some might suggest permanent removal of internal reproductive organs.

The good news is that the majority cysts, even though they are  painful and really annoying, are comparatively harmless, and there are several natural treatments offered that may not solely get rid of cysts, however can prevent future cysts from occurring.

It is also possible that by maintaining healthy life style, you can have completely normal ovaries and prevent formation of ovarian cysts in future. The bottom line is that majority of the girls need to understand that this is not the end of the world. There are various treatments available these days with upcoming advanced technologies. Even if the ovaries are not restores, there are techniques like in vitro fertilization, surrogacy for child bearing.

Ovarian cysts are caused mainly due to hormonal imbalance or when environment within the body is out of balance. There are things that women can do at home to reduce the pains that comes from pressure on ovaries. It might take only small adjustment in the body to stop the formation of cysts and thus removing the need to eliminate cysts surgically.