Hair trends come and go, and there is a good reason for this. Hairstyles and colours are linked to fashion; as fashion evolves, so must hair. If you want to rock the right look next season, you will need the right hair to go with it. Check out our suggestions below for hair that is healthy, gorgeous and – of course – on trend.

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Corkscrew curls

Big, bouncy and full of life, corkscrew curls are back in demand in all the big Gloucester hairdressers. These were huge – no pun intended – in the eighties and have made a comeback every decade since. This is because they are great fun and frame the face, making the wearer look slimmer and curvier at the same time. Volume is wonderful if you can get it right, so choose tight and neat or huge and fluffy depending on your personal style. Whether yours are natural or fake, remember that you will need to keep your corkscrew curls in great condition.

Denim hair

In case you have not heard, denim is in this year – not just denim, but double denim or triple denim if you can handle it – and what better way to work more denim into your look than through your hair? Forget the lilac and pastels that took over during the Summer of Unicorns; now, it is dark and deep with patches of fade, which is surprisingly beautiful.

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Granny power

We can hardly believe we are endorsing this, but we have to admit that it looks fantastic. Grey is the hair colour of choice at salons such as this season for good reason. The catwalks are full of black and bling, so you can drop the glossy blonde and brunette tones and embrace true grey. Why should you, we hear you ask. Done well, grey hair makes you glow. It helps your skin to look fresher and darker, and blue eyes will pop. You don’t need to go all grey; instead, grey tips will do nicely.

Natural root power

Finally, it is good news for those between colour identities this year. Guess what? Roots are back in fashion. Letting it all grow out is totally acceptable right now. Embrace your natural roots and look awesome!