Urban design plays an important role in creating connected cities, helping to enhance human interaction and shared experience. There have been a number of innovative, forward-thinking urban design trends over the past few years, including experience and place-making, retail reinvention, re-greening, re-urbanising and future proofing.

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The role of nature is important in developing spaces

There is evidence-based research that demonstrates the importance of the role of nature. It’s beneficial for our mental health and overall wellbeing. Spaces have also been shown to inspire creativity among people.

Using landscapes for inspiration when redesigning urban areas has been a popular pastime. Planners are finding more ways to incorporate nature into a city’s design as it injects a feeling of quietude and greenery without the need to leave the city and go to the countryside. Re-greening is essentially covering roofs and walls in plants, adding trees to streets, and creating micro parks between buildings to create more aesthetically pleasing places.

Brick cladding involves the use of bricks to coat another type of material to create a better overall appearance, making it visually pleasing to the eye. It also provides protection from the elements. A range of brick cladding services is available from http://www.telling.co.uk/architecture/brick-cladding/.

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Retailers have to focus on experience

Nowadays, experience counts for a lot. Placemaking inspires people to re-imagine and re-invent their spaces, which act as the hub of their community. According to MIT News, the MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism (LCAU) announced the creation of a new prize. The award was established in honour of the late Norman B. Leventhal, the visionary developer whose contributions transformed Boston’s urban landscape.

Retailers must pay attention and come up with a smart reinvention if they are to succeed. Retail analysts are predicting shopping centres will close due to the surge in online sales. Every store should become a deeply personalised experience with AI service and a hint of uniqueness to capture the customer and encourage them to stay loyal.

Just as shop staff try to give their customers an experience to remember, developers try to get as much use from a building as they possibly can. That means designing a garage with flat floors and taller floor-to-ceiling heights so that it can become a framework of space for the future.