Here you have the reinterpretation of the VW Polo GTI. And it is not that it has changed fundamentally, in its purest essence: to try to get everyone who gets to their controls to have such a good time that in the end it is necessary to use a spatula to make it get out of the car. In fact, if up to this point was fun, now it is infinitely more. The new interpretation I say this because this VW has another character, which is marked by that small and angry heart that beats runaway under his hood. The 1.8 T of 150 hp riding the previous generation and this new 1.4 TSI of 180 hp looks like an egg to a chestnut. And the truth is that, with my eyes closed, I stay with the newcomer who achieves notably higher accelerations and,

Without going into specific figures, I’ll tell you that this Polo is able to lose wheel up to fourth speed in many situations, to turn a truck into a Smart when it comes to overtaking or undoing those who travel inside. The TSI is full of life from the moment it starts to turn until it reaches the injection cut and the DSG seven-speed automatic makes the best of it.

Always balanced

As for your ways on the asphalt, as you can imagine this pole is mousy and agile as the solo. It pays well, it is hard to suspend, it is noble in its reactions when entering strong in the curves and, if chance, it can be attributed a certain nervousness in the direction when I roll at very high speeds. But this is normal for cars of their size. I would even say that the odd thing is to find a model of length and battle so short that it is able to remain unchanged above 200 km / h. In any case, unless you ride in circuit you should not see such a figure on the speedometer.

In terms of chassis sportiness, this GTI is midway between the smoothest (Skoda Fabia RS, which has the same TSI engine) and the most radical (Renault Clio RS or Mini Cooper S). This becomes a virtue, because it makes it quite usable on a day to day basis. However, and despite its price is not among the highest in the segment, I find it expensive given its short equipment.


That the top-of-the-range Polo cannot carry automatic lights and forces you to pay separately for the cruise control, the rear parking sensor or the navigator I think is wrong. Above all, bearing in mind that its starting price (23,500 euros) is not precisely low. I also do not like to have left aside those who want to play with the clutch, no matter how well the DSG gear goes. But so far my negative review. For everything else, this Polo is a ’10’ car: practical, fun, fast, and temperamental … To lose several days on mountain roads.

In this video of the Volkswagen Polo GTI you can see how we express their benefits in the Jarama circuit.