ValueMags is a marketing agency for magazines. They offer everyday Americans free magazines to promote their client’s magazines. Recently, they have realized an increase in profitability since they have offered their employees additional benefits. This pushed their CEO to look deeper into the reasons why employees work better when they feel valued and how can you further the relationship between employees and management to make them feel more valued.

ValueMags CEO found that individuals who feel valued are more prone to contribute because they feel like their thoughts and ideas and in a dafe environment where they are welcomed. As a results of the inclusion, employees will be more willing to embrace the company morale and ora and work towards a common goal. By appreciating his employees, ValueMags CEO has realized that employees want to identity with something that makes them feel good and makes them feel appreciated. Appreciation can be shown in many ways and that is why ValueMags management does different things to show their appreciation and recognition of hard work to employees.